Fill your time with these fun Slots

Bored at home in the midst of the current pandemic, we’re sure you’ve run out of things to do to keep your mind occupied. Well, why not try playing casino Slots online? All the fun and excitement of the casino, with none of the hassle of dragging yourself down to your nearest brick-and-mortar location. Read on to find out the what, who and where of the best Slots in town.

Atlantis Queen

Dip a toe into the briny waters of Atlantis, where the queen of seas lays in wait, ready to give you all the riches you desire – for the right spin! Gameplay starts at just £0.01, all with the chance to win a massive £250,000.

As you dive deep into these depths, you’ll need to spin the reels and choose your parameters – somewhere between 1 and 25, with £0.01 to £50 wagered on each line, making the maximum total spin worth £1,250. It should also be noted that the more you stake, the more you stand to win. In terms of the bigger wins, it’s the jackpot symbols that you want to aim for, with five of them bringing you 5,000x your line bet! Which, if you’re betting at the higher end of the spectrum, could land you a whopping £250,000.

Within the game, there are two interactive bonus rounds to sink your teeth into. The first involves picking the queen symbol which will reveal a pearl, whereas the second involves picking a stone which will give you either free games, a multiplier, scatter or extra wild! So, it’s all to play for.

Cascading Cave

Down in the deep, dark caves, there are plenty of prizes to be won. So, strap on your miner’s lamp and start spinning the reels, in the hopes that a stick of dynamite will come flying your way.

As the gameplay begins, you’ll start to notice certain symbols across the reels. Your fellow miner will cough up an impressive 2,000 coins, along with the diamond wild icon, which will payout 2,000x your initial wager. The aforementioned dynamite is what will trigger the bonus round, acting as the game’s scatter symbol. Your trusty sidekick, the mule, will give you a generous 1,000x your bet, if you happen to roll in five of them on a single payline. The lamp symbol will light up the reels to guide you, and also bring with it up to 500 coins to add to your wallet. The pickaxe will smash through the hefty mines, when five are rolled in, giving out up to 250x your first stake. There are also various coloured stones filling in the rest of the gaps on the reels, giving out more modest prizes, but prizes all the same! 

So, the choice is truly yours! Simply log onto your favourite casino site and find the perfect game for you. With so many different themes and layouts, there’s sure to be something that’ll tickle your fancy and keep you occupied whilst we ride out this lockdown together!


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