Facts About Gambling Movies You Didn’t Know

Gambling is an ancient practice which has been capturing the interest of different people from all parts of the world for a very long time.

Everyone loves the fun that comes with trying to double the pocket's worth. It has become so popular that gambling even managed to find its way to the countless Hollywood gambling-themed movies. The excitement and thrill of gambling at casinos look fantastic on the big screen, and both movie fans and gamblers love watching such scenes.

This genre has created a lot of unique, fan-favorite stories, from comedy to thriller. The suspense and ability to portray the emotions that gambling brings is part of what makes them outstanding.

As you can see in the infographic below by Casino Sites, some of them show us the sophistication and the glamour of the gambling world, while others take us to the other side - the dark and not-so-glamorous aspects of gambling.

Some of the top gambling movies include Casino Royale, The Good Thief, and Rounders. There is also Casino, which story is centered around deception, greed, money, power, and murder between two close friends. Of course, there is also Ocean’s Eleven, a fan-loved movie in which group of people forms a gang to rob casinos.

Some of these movies are based on real-life stories that surround casinos and gambling. The Pelayos (2012) is a good example. This one is about a Spanish mathematician (and sound engineer) Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, who managed to create his own system which helped him to win. With it, Gonzalo and his sons beat casinos in an honest and legitimate way. His winnings at roulette amounted to over half a million dollars!

All of these famous movies have also had effects on the image of gambling itself. It is said that after watching some Hong Kong movies about gambling, many viewers in China wanted to visit Macau, one of the world’s leading gambling place. 

Check out the infographic below for more interesting facts on gambling movies.


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