Eyes down for weeknight Soap Bingo

Every weeknight, millions of viewers tune in to watch their favourite British soaps. Whether you’re a fan of one, or all of them, there’s no denying the most popular soaps are the BBC’s EastEnders, and ITV’s Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Sometimes the storylines become dull, people start multi-tasking and for example, play PP bingo instead. But we’ve developed a way to keep the whole family engaged. Soap Bingo - a great way to engage all members of the family whilst you get to watch your favourite soaps in quiet. 

EastEnders is a national treasure for the BBC, after being on air for over 30 years, the show has never dwindled in popularity and remains on primetime television throughout the week.

The show is notoriously known for its cliffhangers, also known as ‘duff duffs’; from Zoe Slater’s “you ain’t my muvva” line which was followed by ‘older sister’ Kat’s line of “yes I am!”, all the way to the moment Den Watts served Angie their divorce papers instead of Christmas dinner.

There have been some fond memories for all generations to enjoy. We’ve created a bingo list for you to play to get the whole family enjoying your soap.

  1. We see someone in the Queen Victoria pub pull a pint
  2. Somebody is asked to watch a stall on the market
  3. Mick is seen wearing Linda’s pink dressing gown
  4. Kat Slater is wearing an all-too-revealing outfit
  5. Tracey speaks in an episode
  6. Ian Beale makes a selfish remark
  7. A scene is outside of Albert Square
  8. Bobby Beale is acting suspiciously
  9. Sharon and Keanu share awkward eye contact
  10. Someone’s reading the magazines in the Mini-Mart

Coronation Street is based in the fictional town of Weatherfield, just outside Manchester. The ITV show is known for creating controversial storylines, such as British Soaps’ first transgender character, Hayley.

The soap is known for tackling real-life controversies in their storylines which is perhaps why the show has won the award for ‘Best Storyline’ nine times at The British Soap Awards – more than any other soap. Here are some classic scenario’s to play Corrie-bingo with:

  1. Roy is wearing his blue and white pinstripe apron in the café
  2. Evelyn moans at something
  3. A quiet gossip chat is happening in one of the booths of the Rovers Return
  4. Someone is waiting at the bus stop
  5. Gemma or Chesney refer to their unborn babies as ‘The Quads’
  6. Gary adds to his negative character by making another bad decision
  7. The gossipers of Underworld have a staff meeting in the Rovers Return
  8. Someone is served a meal in the Bistro
  9. Steve McDonald sits in the armchair at Street Cars
  10. The bench outside ‘Audrey’s’ salon is in use

Our third and final soap to add onto our bingo list is Emmerdale. A favourite for the young farmers and countryside lovers in the UK, we find ourselves in a tiny old-country-style village. 

Emmerdale has always been a soap that gets nominated but struggles to win awards, 2010 being their lowlight year as they were nominated for 72 awards across numerous categories, but won only nine. Nonetheless, it remains as one of the top three of the best British soaps and continues to receive nominations and awards each year for ‘Best British Soap’. Here are some classic scenes to watch out for in Emmerdale bingo.

  1. Paddy stands up for himself
  2. There is a disagreement in the Dingle family
  3. An affair is revealed
  4. Cain cracks a smile, for once!
  5. A scene takes place in the car garage
  6. Marlon is working in the kitchen
  7. Debbie Dingle has to have a stern talk with one of her parents
  8. Sam is in the Woolpack
  9. A purchase is made in the village shop
  10. Chaz gives someone an ear-full of her opinion


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