Extreme weather brings new problem for Shropshire homeowners

Shropshire homes battered by the recent heavy rain started to let in water as brickwork struggled to cope with the continuous extreme weather.

House bricks would usually dry out quickly after a heavy storm, but property experts say the huge amount of rain led to water getting into cavities and causing leaks.

Jim Kinnersley, of Shropshire Flat Roofing, said the company came to the rescue of dozens of homeowners believing their roof had a leak when in fact the water had come through the brickwork itself.

He said: “Porous bricks would usually dry out, but so much rain got in it had actually caused damp.

“We received numerous calls about leaking roofs but on closer inspection it was not the roof, it was the brickwork. On pitched roofs the felt goes brittle and the water comes straight down into the bricks.

“We simply had so much rain the bricks were completely sodden and were not drying out.”

Shropshire Flat Roofing is part of Shire Conservatories, based at Battlefield Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury, and Mr Kinnersley said he had been with the company for 10 years and this winter had been the busiest he could remember.

“We fit windows and build conservatories as well as being roofing specialists, and it’s fair to say this winter has been busier than ever,” he said.

“I have certainly never seen problems with bricks getting saturated like this before, and a lot of people have been surprised when we have explained what the issue is.”


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