Essential Safety Rules For Your Shrewsbury Construction Site

Construction sites are home to more potential dangers than many other workplaces. As such, it’s vital that you have a series of detailed rules and guidelines in place to keep your employees and visitors protected. 

Read on to discover some of the most vital safety rules you should implement on your Shrewsbury construction site.

Provide Well-Fitting PPE

Well-made and well-fitting PPE is essential for keeping your workers safe as they carry out their daily tasks on-site. PPE should also be provided to any visitors to the site to protect them from potential hazards. The PPE you should provide includes hard hats, goggles, work gloves, sturdy boots, and high-visibility gear. Ear defenders should also be provided for employees working with equipment that produces high noise levels. 

Ensure Clear Signage And Instructions

A construction site should feature clear, detailed signage to prevent accidents and mishaps. These should include warning signs, prohibition signs, and signage indicating firefighting equipment such as extinguishers. You should also provide clear and detailed instructions to your staff regarding health and safety protocols. This is to ensure everyone knows what to do to prevent anything from going wrong. 

Keep Your Tools Stored Correctly

The tools used on a construction site have the capacity to inflict severe harm if used or stored incorrectly. Make sure that all tools are properly stored away when they are not being used; in particular, make sure your employees are taught that power tools must be disconnected when not in use. They should also be kept out of the way, so they don’t pose a hazard to others.

Invest In Fire Alarm Testing

Fire is one of the more severe hazards employees, and visitors may face on a construction site. As a result, you need to make sure you have protective measures in place, including clearly marked fire exits unobstructed by building materials, a series of fire alarms, and firefighting equipment. It’s a good idea to call in a professional team to provide fire alarm testing, as an effective warning system can save lives and make sure everyone gets away safely. 

Keep The Site Tidy

Trips and falls are commonplace accidents on a construction site. However, the risk of this type of injury can be seriously diminished by ensuring that the site is kept as tidy as possible. Clear away any debris, unused tools and loose nails that may be lying around, and make sure pathways are unobstructed. 

Ensure Your Employees Are Well-Trained

To ensure the highest safety standards possible, it’s crucial that you make sure your construction site employees are well-trained and have a clear understanding of health and safety protocol on a building site. 

You should also make sure that any new members of staff are correctly onboarded. Additionally, ensure that workers using dangerous tools or machines have a solid understanding of how to use them to prevent accidents from occurring. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, while it may not be possible to entirely eradicate accidents, injuries and mishaps on a construction site, with the right safety measures in place you should be able to significantly reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt. 


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