Enjoy Nature’s Beauty in Shrewsbury – The Best Parks and Gardens to Visit

Situated in west central England, Shrewsbury is the gateway to both the rural western fringes of the country and the more developed and industrialised cities to the east. For centuries, the beauty of this picturesque setting has made it appealing to travellers, tourists and those seeking new opportunities in life. One of the biggest attractions of the region are the innumerable amount of gardens and parks that dot the countryside. If you are planning to visit in the region in the near future, you’ll leave with inspiration for what you can do with your own home and garden amenities. Because of this, we’ve outlined a list of three different parks and gardens that you must visit if you want to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Attingham Park

Just a few kilometres south and east of the city of Shrewsbury, Attingham Park is a beautifully built and maintained garden that has been in existence since the 1700s. When you begin your walk across the park, you’ll notice an immense amount of wildlife present: from dragonflies and ducks to otters and deer, the landscape mingles flora and fauna in such a seamless way. Every day at 2 PM, you’ll be able to witness the feeding of the animals at the park, and then can take a stroll in the beautiful walled garden that highlights the diversity of the region. Azaleas, rhododendrons and shrubs of all sorts show off an amazing amount of colour across all seasons. Walks along the river and waterways in the park can help inspire solitude and give you tranquillity any time of the year. With plenty of tables, benches and chairs at which to take a break, you may find ideas for your own home and garden areas (click here to view a variety of similar forms of furniture you can find in Shrewsbury).

Wollerton Old Hall Garden

If you want to find great ideas for a modern garden in a location central to Shrewsbury, then you’ll love the Wollerton Old Hall Garden. Despite its name, this garden was built in the 1980s, and was planned out to be an excellent way to combine urban design elements with country living. This garden has much more variety in terms of flora than Attingham Park, but you won’t find any animals on the premises other than birds. With reflecting pools and cultivated gardens connected by well-manicured walkaways and a variety of gazebos and other external structures to help visitors beat the heat, you’ll have easy access to the gardens and plenty of layout inspiration for your own patio or deck at home. Be sure to also visit the formal pool and rills, where lily-pads can be spotted alongside roses and other summer varieties of flora.

Powis Castle and Garden

Last but not least, Powis Castle and Garden provides multiple forms of enjoyment when on the premises. Designed and developed to incorporate both French and Italian elements, the garden contains centuries-old statues and hanging gardens that have been infused with an atmosphere of modernity in the newer gardens’ layouts. A woodland wilderness was incorporated into the premises around 200 years ago – a must visit section of the property. In the valley section of the gardens, you’ll find intricate geometry at work that go hand in hand with beautiful views of the valley and surrounding hills. From fruit trees and shrubs to an orangery and aviary – not to mention the historic, medieval on-site castle – many people report that Powis Castle and Garden is their favourite botanical destination in the entire country.


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