Enhance Room Space with Fitted Folding Wall Beds

The walls of the rooms in which we live always limit the space. Heavy and bulky furniture takes even more of it. How to release it for the benefit of yourself and your family? Using walls to store light furniture is a great and original solution proposed by UrbanWardrobes.

Why Do You Need In-Wall Furniture?

Optimizing the use of space in your home or apartment with fitted folding wall beds has both pragmatic and psychological positive implications:

  • Pragmatic: some important functions are performed with lighter furniture. Moreover, the room will always be clean, because dust will not accumulate in hard-to-reach places for cleaning.
  • Psychological: more free space in a room allows a person to feel more optimistic and easy.

How Fitted Folding Wall Beds Can Change Your Life

  • Thanks to new technological solutions, you can easily transform your room from an office to a bedroom and vice versa
  • You will not painfully solve the problem of where to accommodate guests for the night
  • If you play sports or dance, you can easily free up room space for classes
  • If you live in a small apartment, the bed will not take up the already limited space

What Else Can Be Hidden in the Wall?

London-based carpentry UrbanWardrobes has numerous solutions for freeing up space in your rooms and using walls and wardrobes as secure storage. The company is ready to offer you the best options and experiment with your ideas. You can order:

  • built-in home offices
  • corner wardrobes
  • overbed fitted storage 
  • fitted bedrooms
  • and much more, based on your imagination and ideas of the high-class professional designers of the workshop-studio 

Navigate here to see already realized projects that could inspire you to completely change your lifestyle in favor of a large amount of free space in which nothing interferes with anyone. UrbanWardrobes will help to create the atmosphere of cleanliness, order and freedom in your house.


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