End of the Croquet Season

Let me introduce you to a puzzled croquet player:  This is Robbie Dodds, Shrewsbury Croquet Club's lowest handicapped member, pausing in the middle of the Final of the Shrewsbury Masters Event to figure out his next move against Sean Sheridan, who, regular readers will remember, took part in another club final, the Handicap Doubles. The Masters is fought out between the club's best players over the season with a three-game Semi-Final and Final at the season's end. Oh, and Robbie won by 2 games to 1. each game a close finish. 

Shrewsbury's croquet season will end this year on September 30th and the groundsmen move in on the 1st of October, beginning a programme of lawn care which we are confident will produce an even better playing surface next season. With luck and a lot of work by the Town Council's Danny and Tim, we might have the fast lawns that croquet needs.

We hope, also, to bring electricity to the clubhouse during the off-season but that will depend on the goodwill of Shrewsbury Town Council. See you all next Spring. In the meantime we have the Annual Dinner and a few lunches to bring us together over the winter. And, of course, if you would like to know more about Association Croquet, ring Graham on 01939 233196.


Pete White Pete White

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