e-book success for Shropshire businesswoman

A businesswoman from Shrewsbury has launched her first e-book - which hit the top of the download charts just days after being released.

Shari Thompson, managing director of Green Jelly Marketing, wrote the e-book to help small businesses succeed in marketing without the need for a big budget.

The e-book - “How to Grow Your Offline Small Business Using the Three Pillars of Local Domination” - was released in November and shot to the top of Amazon’s free download chart in the first week of being available.

Shari said she was delighted with the response to the book, which has a five-star rating from public reviews.

“I regularly write blogs and put information and advice on my website, so the book grew from there,” she said.

“I got a lot of positive feedback from people saying they found the website articles really useful so I was keen to expand on them, which is how the book came about.

“It’s designed to be easy and enjoyable to read so I deliberately avoided making it too serious, and I’m pleased with how it’s being received.”

Shari, 32, of Montford Bridge, established Green Jelly Marketing to work with small and medium sized “offline” companies - those businesses who predominantly deal with customers face-to-face rather than on the internet.

She said: “I am constantly telling my clients to aim high - look at what the big brands are doing and think about how you could do it too.

“That’s what the book tries to get across, that just because you may be a small business does not mean you have to think small.

“The book concentrates on the three pillars of marketing, which are reaching your market, engaging your audience and managing your reputation.

“By building on these three pillars, people can genuinely increase their customers and grow their business.

“The feedback from people who have read the book so far has been brilliant and there have been some lovely reviews on Amazon, which is really satisfying.”


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