Dwarf found in wardrobe

A dwarf has been discovered in the wardrobe of a Shropshire schoolboy.

John Jessop, who is 13, opened the door to investigate when he heard scuffling noises, only to discover the strange creature in pointy hat and green wellington boots trying to steal his socks. Since then, Eric (as the dwarf announced himself) has been teaching John to talk to his pet cat George and the family dog Dennis. But now evil fiends from an alien planet are interfering with their friendship…..

So goes the opening episode of a new audio strip cartoon created in Shrewsbury and due to go viral on the Internet in 12 weekly episodes. The first will be launched at precisely 12 noon on Sunday 05 October and can be found by keying ‘Eric The Dwarf’ into YouTube. An event to promote the launch will also take place on the evening 05 October at The Hive in Shrewsbury.

The wacky scenario is the brainchild of Tim Baker and stars a dozen local actors and an extremely over-worked sound-effects man. Interestingly, the series has been produced by the Mayor of Shrewsbury, Cllr Beverley Baker, who is thought to be the first UK mayor to risk her equilibrium in this manner.

Designed for teenagers (from 9 to 91), the comedy adventure features daredevil matinee idol Chas Chunder, John’s monosyllabic teenage sister Abi, his wed-to-his-shed dad, several evil henchmen, the inexplicable game of Zonko, fearful outbreaks of ‘softbrain’, a bunch of heroic hamsters and numerous Ooomans (that’s the rest of us).

The plot encompasses abject danger, foolhardy heroism, a general craving for peanut butter sandwiches and a stab at revealing the meaning of life.

A spokesperson said: “It’s not to be taken seriously”. A cult following is expected.

The launch event at The Hive on Sunday 05 October starts at 7pm. Tickets are £5.00 and available from Carol Pullen, mayor’s secretary, Shrewsbury Town Council. Tel: 01743 257655 or [email protected]


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