Dryathlon for Cancer Research

It used to be that a balanced diet consisted of a bottle of wine in each hand for Kieran and Ian but this January Team Cold Turkey are giving up the booze for Cancer Research!
For 31 days the boys will be saying goodbye to any alcohol and staying dry for the month as part of the Cancer Research Dryathlon.
Cancer Research is an important cause and the boys are hoping to reach and surpass donation targets with the help of friends, family and local businesses.
Further to breaking the initial target of £300, the boys have doubled the target now with a view to raise £600 and hopefully even more with your help.

Every little helps as they say so please get involved and donate what you can for this dedicated cause which helps so many people.
The boys will be shouting out across their social networks for anyone that is supporting Cancer Research so be sure to catch up with them to see how they are doing.

To make a donation please visit our Dryathletes' official JustGiving pages and donate what you can.  For those of you who are active across Social Media please share out the links to your network.

Kieran & Ian would like to thank everyone in advance for their support!


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