The do’s and don'ts when you’ve suffered an injury at work

Over the course of our lifetime we will work nigh on 90,000 hours, and that’s the average person. During this time, you’re susceptible to suffering from an injury at work. The percentage chance that you go throughout your working life unscathed is rather low, so you need to know what to do and when to act after suffering an injury at work.

What to do if you suffer from an injury at work

An absolute must be to file a report to the health and safety officer, and your manager. Ensure that an injury report log has been made, recording all the details of the incident that occurred (you will need this information if you take legal action). 

Upon reporting the incident, request to discuss with your employer solutions to improve the working environment, ensuring this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Naturally, if you’re seen to be attentively trying to improve your place of work, looking to help solve the problem with your employer, this will favour you with your employer, and help establish a strong relationship between each other. 

If the employer is not interested in working with you to solve the problem, or the injury caused is too severe, seek both medical and legal help. Ensure a report from the Dr is received and research injury at work solicitors with highly rated digital profiles and client recommendations before contacting them for help. 

What to look for in a good injury claims solicitor

When looking for a good solicitor, think about how they interact with their clients, do they show compassion, as well as an efficient and timely manner in seeking compensation? There’s nothing worse than an ‘over-waffly’ solicitor, or one who doesn’t seem to care at all.

A balance is key and finding solicitors that suit the communications you’re looking for takes time. Ensure you get the feeling you want from the initial conversations you have. Remember, solicitors charge by the minute, so naturally, they don’t want to waste time adding billable time for nonsense conversations or replying to unnecessary emails. 

When can I claim compensation for an injury at work?

In some instances, you can seek compensation even if you are partly at fault for your own injury. This is will when researching your injury at work specialistsyou need to provide all the details, information and documentation you can to help them put forward and understand your case. 

In most cases within the UK and Wales, you have the legal right to seek compensation from your workplace injury. You are also entitled to statutory sick pay if you earn over £133 a week, and if your employer isn’t compensating you for this while you’re off, you can seek this within your compensation claim.

Furthermore, you are entitled to not be treated detrimentally, should you claim compensation for a workplace accident and injury. If this isn’t the case, you should again seek legal advice from a dedicated specialist handling the enquiry as there may be a breach of your employer rights.


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