Donate your lunch for Africa

To mark World Food Day on Wednesday 16 October, Shrewsbury- based charity, Self Help Africa is asking you and your work mates to ‘Donate your lunch for Africa’.

The idea is simple - just donate the cost of your lunch and Self Help Africa will use your money to help families in rural Africa grow enough food to feed themselves and to earn a living.

Established in the aftermath of the Ethiopian famine and southern African food crises of the early 1980s, Self Help Africa supports more than 200,000 African farming families each year to escape from hunger and poverty.

Just £5 could continue this support - buying a chicken for a family, providing nutritious eggs as well as additional income.  The manure makes great compost and the family will pass on chicks to others in the village.

Donating your lunch money to Self Help Africa is simple - donations can be made by credit card, cheque, online, via text or you can request a collection box to place in the office.

For more information, please contact Abi on 01743 277170 or email [email protected]


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