Dental expert’s fizzy drinks warning

A Shrewsbury dental expert is urging parents to cut back on the amount of fizzy sugary drinks they give to their children - particularly during the hot weather.

Dr Raji Sreenivasan, who runs Emstrey Dental Practice in Shrewsbury Business Park, says that fizzy drinks can cause huge problems for youngsters as they corrode teeth at a shocking rate.

“There is so much talk at the moment about the dangers of sugar in the diet, but it is fizzy drinks which can cause major problems for young teeth,” said Dr Sreenivasan.

“During the sunny school holidays more youngsters will be outdoors taking part in sporting activities and it has become the trend to buy so-called high energy drinks as refreshments.

“These drinks are the main offenders on the market because of their very large sugar content.

 “It is this sugar combined with the fizz that causes the real harm because the bubbles can quickly find their way into cavities and will corrode the teeth at a much faster rate.

“It is essential to keep children’s teeth healthy because this will help to prevent problems in later life, but adults too need to keep an eye on their fizzy drink consumption,” she said.

Dr Sreenivasan said that good looking healthy teeth were becoming increasingly important with many more of her patients requesting teeth whitening and implants alongside more traditional dentistry.   

Before setting up her own dental practice on the business park at Emstrey more than two years ago, Dr Sreenivasan was previously an oral surgeon at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

“Working in a hospital I was able to use the most up-to-date equipment and I have tried to replicate that in the surgery so that my patients have the best treatment available,” she said.

Dr Sreenivasan also lectures regularly to both dentists and dental nurses in the area, and has more than 14 years’ hospital experience in the UK in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and implant dentistry.

“I was lucky to work with one of the pioneers of implant dentistry and this is a growing area of my work,” she said.

She is also qualified to carry out cosmetic work, including fillers, alongside the more traditional skills of preventative and restorative dentistry.


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