Cycling opportunities for sight loss group

Another group of cyclists take to the track at Sundorne Sports Village in Shrewsbury – nothing unusual in that – except that all these riders are classified as blind.

The Sight Loss Opportunity Group is a band of partially sighted people from across the county who meet each month at the town’s unique venue as a social cycling club.

Using specially adapted bicycles and under the supervision of coach Dave Nicholls and volunteer helpers, the group ride around the figure-of-eight circuit either on their own, or on a tandem or trike, depending on their level of vision.

Oswestry member Lin Stapley explains: “I have very little vision and that itself is very dependent on light, so the best way to describe what I can see is like looking through frosted glass, but I can just about make out the grass verges so I know to stay on the black bit!

“You would not believe the thrill of hanging on and feeling the wind in your hair as we trundle around the track, and my loyal guide dog Woody seems happy to sit in the shade and watch me go by.”

The club is organised by Shropshire Rural Community Council and its sensory resource and development co-ordinator Jackie Elliot (CORRECT) added: “This club is aimed at being a fun session for sight loss people to meet up and enjoy themselves on the specially adapted bikes in a very friendly and safe environment.

“We do have the odd bump or two but we provide the relevant protective helmets and gloves and that seems to do the trick as everybody keeps coming back.”

Further details on the club can be obtained from Shropshire RCC on 01743 360641 or the website on

Pictured: Jackie Eliot and Lin Stapley (Left) with Sight loss cyclists, organisers and helpers at Shrewsbury.


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