County firm helping homeowners to cut energy bills

A Shropshire company is pledging to help homeowners save thousands of pounds on their heating bills with new super-efficient technology.

According to The Carbon Trust, a quarter of a building’s heat loss literally goes out of the window, and a Shropshire business is helping homeowners tackle what is an increasingly expensive problem.

Gavin Jones, managing director of Shire Conservatories, based in Shrewsbury, said triple-glazing windows were the “next big thing” in boosting the energy-efficiency of buildings.

He said figures showed that current A-rated windows typically saved £7,400 on energy bills over 20 years - but triple-glazing saved another 40 per cent on top of that.

“With gas and electricity bills soaring, people are becoming more and more aware of how important the fabric of their house is - both in terms of finances and comfort,” Mr Jones said.

“Triple-glazing is not much more expensive than conventional double-glazing, and the benefits are very impressive.

“The Carbon Trust recommends that homeowners and businesses should consider installing the most efficient windows they can afford because the year-on-year financial savings quickly outweigh the initial cost.

“We are noticing that customers are a lot more savvy when it comes to the energy ratings of windows. Just a couple of years ago people thought energy ratings were unnecessary and overly complicated, but that has quite quickly changed.

“Saving energy and reducing fuel bills is a major reason for people looking to replace their windows nowadays, and that means upgrading windows before they have necessarily reached the end of their life.

“People only really used to get new windows when their existing ones were hanging off the hinges - that’s just not the case any more.”

Shire Conservatories is based at Harlescott Barns, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury. For more information call 01743 463333 or go to


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