Counselling Service Reaches Out To Older Adults

In recognition of World Mental Health Day this Thursday [10th October], a local counselling charity is reaching out to older people with mental health concerns.

Shrewsbury and Telford-based Confide, a charity specialising in providing individual counselling and wellbeing services, is reassuring those over the age of 65 that they are not alone, and that help is at hand.

“Mental health problems can affect anyone, of any culture, age or background,” explained Helen Scholes, Director of Confide. “However, current estimates suggest that older people are more at risk than any other age group, with many problems going undetected as those over the age of 65 are often reluctant to seek help or may not realise that mental health problems are treatable.”

Research indicates that depression affects 10 – 16% of people aged 65 and above. Symptoms can include persistent sadness, low energy, loss of interest and pleasure, feelings of worthlessness and, in severe cases, suicidal thoughts.

Helen continued: “Older adults are particularly at risk due to bereavement, social isolation, financial difficulty, loss of independence and chronic physical illness, which can all have a negative effect on an individual’s mental health.

“If you have concerns about your mental wellbeing, or that of a loved one, there are a number of things you can do to help. Take regular exercise, seek support from family and friends, maintain your interests and social involvement, or speak to your doctor. Talking therapies like counselling can also contribute towards a positive state of mind.

“There’s absolutely no shame in getting help,” said Helen. “Counselling can really help you to understand your feelings and develop new ways of coping. I would urge anyone feeling down or distressed, whether they’re over the age of 65 or not, to get in touch and find out what help is available to support them on their road to recovery. Please call 01743 351319, or email [email protected]. Alternatively, visit our website at”

Confide Counselling Service was established 25 years ago by a group of counsellors who believed in the importance of counselling and felt that it should be more widely available. The charity’s experienced and knowledgeable counsellors are able to offer a range of services from individual counselling and business wellbeing services, through to their preventative service which encompasses the Mental Health MOT.


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