Could Face To Face Marketing Be The Missing Link In the Chain When It Comes To Promoting Your Business?

There are all kinds of ways to promote your business, and these days, many of them are digital. Things like promoting via SEO, to ensure you get great search rankings on the searches most relevant to your target audience and what you do are big business, and of course social media marketing and paid advertising on things like Facebook also have a major part to play.

However, as these means of reaching people grow exponentially, you face more and more competition for your targets' attention. This means that adding some face to face marketing into your marketing mix is generally a sane idea. Here we look at face to face marketing and why it works so well in the digital age.

Truly Capture Your Audience's Attention

Social media marketing and other online advertising is great, but remember that people see something like 2000 promotional messages each per day. This means that they are used to tuning out a lot of the ads they see on the web or promotional posts on Facebook and Twitter, much in the same way that we are used to going to make a cup of tea when the ads come on on TV. This can make it harder to convert from seeing an ad or link to actually taking action.

With face to face marketing, a person is engaged in the moment with talking to a real human being or watching a live demonstration, and this will capture their attention far more fully than anything you can expose them to online.

Close a Sale

With online marketing or advertising through passive mediums like print or TV, it can be easy to publicise a promotion or new product, or help people learn about your brand, but not so easy to close a sale. Calls to action in marketing copy go some way towards doing this, but when you have people promoting the business in person, they can drive the people they talk to to sign up or buy right away.


The brand impact of a good face to face marketing campaign can be huge. There is only so much you can brand an online ad or Facebook post, but when you appear at an exhibition or even on the street or in a mall, you can have people in uniforms, a branded display (check out Finesse Group for great custom business displays), and even give away branded merchandise like pens, lanyards and keyrings to help people remember your name and logo. A face to face approach allows you to not only imprint your brand on people's memories, but also show them more of what kind of brand you are, by the way your marketing people speak and act and the kind of things you use to draw people to you.

If you feel that your current marketing mix is missing something, face to face marketing could well be the answer!


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