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Businesses need to manage their costs more effectively than ever. Tight financial periods have lead many companies, organisations, and even schools to start thinking outside the box when it comes to their regular outgoings. Even the bathroom is being looked at more closely, and you might be surprised to find the number of ways that even some small changes can dramatically affect how much you spend on your bathroom facilities. Whether you run a school, a gym, a healthcare facility, or an office-based business, here are some of the surprising ways that you can reduce how much you’re spending on your bathroom.

Wasting Water

This is probably the cost that most people associate with their bathrooms, so it makes sense that you should start here. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to take control of how much water you are using. Start by looking at motion sensor taps that can help save up to 80% of your water bill. They might cost more than traditional taps, but the savings mean they pay for themselves. You should also consider installing automatic flush valves for your toilets and urinals. Not only are these great for saving water waste, but they are also far more hygienic too.

You should also consider waterless urinals. These have been highly functional and cost-effective for a number of years, and even big brands like McDonald’s have made increasing use of them.

Take Charge of your Electric Bill

Lighting in business bathrooms is invariably harsh and expensive. Electricity is only second to water when it comes to waste, so it should be your next focus after tackling your H2O. The key is automation, with manual light switches inevitably being left on even when there’s nobody using the facilities. Occupancy sensors can save you as much as 90% of your bathroom lighting bill, and those savings can soon add up.

  • It’s worth installing high-efficiency fixtures.
  • Use as much natural light as possible.
  • Use LED bulbs.
  • Install sensor operated hand dryers.
  • Use professional bathroom installers that specialise in business premises, schools, and healthcare facilities such as this.

Cleaning Costs

This is one of those areas that is often overlooked when it comes to costs. Cleaning is obviously vital for your bathroom facilities, but you can reduce the amount of time that it takes to do a daily, weekly, and monthly clean. Some simple changes can cut cleaning time dramatically, without impacting the effectiveness of the cleaners themselves. Transitioning to wall mounted fixtures over floor-based options can cut extra minutes from cleaning time, and when time is money then every second counts. For that reason alone, you should have a dedicated cleaning station in every bathroom. This will make it far easier for your cleaning team to get what they need when they need it.

Consider installing counters with flat finishes and in light colours. These will help to hide stains and watermarks, while those darker, more polished surfaces are going to need more regular cleaning to get rid of those unsightly stains.

The money that you can save on your bathroom facility costs can add up. Wasting money in a professional environment is never a good thing. If you want to take back control of your bathroom facility costs, then focus on these areas and your quarterly budget might end up looking a lot more healthy.


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