Consider an Ear Plug Dispenser At Your Work Place

You can’t always make your employees listen to everything you try to tell them, but you can take the necessary steps to ensure that they are still able to at least hear you. Manufacturing facilities, repair shops, rock concerts, and rifle ranges all subject their staff to excessive volumes of noise. Any time one of your workers is exposed to sounds that exceed 85 decibels for a full eight hour work day, they may suffer hearing loss. When you install an ear plug dispenser, you are providing your employees with convenient access to the hearing protection that they need.

Comply With Safety Regulations

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide your staff with safe working conditions. In ideal circumstances, you will be able to find ways to reduce the exposure to potentially damaging sounds, but that isn’t always practical. Issuing ear plugs may become necessary, but micromanaging the safety gear of your workers is a time consuming chore.  Placing a dispenser in your facility empowers your staff to look out for their own health while still complying with safety regulations.

Reduce the Mess

For operations that employ several hundreds of workers, keeping the cast-off ear pieces from cluttering the workplace is problematic. Many of these dispensers feature convenient packaging, and additional waste disposal facilities can be added close by. This provides two main benefits. It reduces the amount of litter you will need to control, and it also makes what little waste your staff does generate manageable.

Refillable Options

A dispenser can be filled using the ear plugs of your choice. You do not need to always limit your employees to a single style of ear plug. When it is time to fill your supply orders, you can select any brand you like. Your employees will let you know which ones they prefer, and experimenting with a variety of available ear plugs gives you more control over your equipment budget.

Centralized Location

When your workers need to use ear protection, they shouldn’t have to look far. Most dispensers are versatile and can be mounted in any suitable location. They can be easily relocated and set up in areas where they are most needed. Some companies chose to set them in high traffic places such as intersecting walk ways or near break rooms. Others install dispensers close to the machinery or equipment that is loud enough to cause hearing damage. Regardless of your circumstances, a dispenser setup is always customizable to your business’s needs.

Members of management and guests also need to be able to protect their hearing when they are out on the shop floor. A dispenser maximizes the benefits of your safety equipment program while covering all of your company’s needs.


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