Common Issues with Homes in Shropshire and Their Solutions

Due to many of the rural locations and the age of cottages and other countryside properties in Shropshire, as well as the rise in quickly built new houses, there are a number of issues that you may find affect your home when moving to this beautiful county. However, with the right solution, these issues are easy to solve, and here is a comprehensive guide to some of the most common problems and what you can do to solve them.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are incredibly common in houses all over the country, with many homeowners experiencing blocked drains that can make it difficult to use your water supply efficiently and can lead to bad smells at the exterior of your house. Blocked drains are caused by a build-up of material in the drain, usually fats from foods and sewage. If you need to unblock a drain, then you should conduct a visual inspection of anything that may appear to be blocking the drain such as leaves or debris. If you cannot remove this yourself, you may need to hire a professional to help you. Choosing a reliable service such as ASL Drainage is a good option, as they have the necessary tools available to conduct CCTV surveys of your drain, determine the problem, and fix this issue efficiently.

Damp and Mould

Damp and mould is also often a problem in countryside areas or in older houses where there may not be as effective ventilation systems in windows or fans in bathrooms. However, damp and mould can be extremely bad for your health, exacerbating medical issues such as asthma and spreading bacteria. To clear damp and mould in your house, you should wipe it with a hot damp cloth to remove it, and there are many damp sprays on the market to help you prevent damp. You can also prevent damp by opening windows regularly, investing in a dehumidifier, or installing ventilation shafts into your windows.


There are many older houses in Shropshire. Although these look appealing, the old-fashioned nature of the windows and doors can lead to draughts entering your home. Draughts can make your home less energy efficient as they can make your home lose heat rapidly and increase your heating bills. To stop the effects of draughts, you should use draught extractors that you can place against doors or the area where the draught is. The only permanent solution, however, is to replace your windows with double or triple glazing.

Structural Problems

Many old houses will also have structural problems such as cracks in walls and roof damage. If you spot a structural problem, you should inform your insurance company who can help to provide you with the funds that you need to make the necessary changes. You should consider hiring a professional to fix this damage through repairs, installing trial trenches, or through reducing the impact of trees or shrubbery on your home and its foundations.



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