Brad Pitt to Star in Charles Darwin Film set in Shrewsbury

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is to star as local hero Charles Darwin in an upcoming film about Darwin's life. The film set in Shrewsbury will begin filming this summer and will cover Darwin's life and his discovery of evolution. 

Director Michael Bay aims to give the story a hollywood lift, "We wanted to portray an edgier, younger Darwin, different to what people know from a £10 note."

Shrewsbury has always been very supportive of its Darwin heritage having named a shopping centre and a pub after him.

The news hasn't gone down well with everyone after it was discovered that Pitt and the film crew would be staying in the Premier Inn rather than locally owned hotels.

Large parts of the town will be closed during filming and some residents will need to be put into temporary accomodation.

Evolution is now taught in schools around the world thanks to Darwin.

"Some people still question the idea that we evolved from lizard-monkeys and this film will certainly do nothing to help change that view." exclaimed Pitt.

Darwin was known for the phrase 'survival of the fittest' and Brad Pitt is certainly the fittest.

*This post is an April Fool!


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