Boom in yoga business

Yoga is billed as the antidote to a frantic life but one Shropshire retailer is busier than ever thanks to the current popularity of the ancient tradition.

Sarah-Jane Luck owns a shop in Shrewsbury specialising yoga accessories and she also promotes classes throughout the town, as well as giving advice to people thinking of practicing yoga.

Her interest in this form of exercise, which focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing, began as a very small child as she was born with spinal and skeletal problems.

“It has served me very well over the years and I feel I'm a lot straighter and have had a lot less pain as a result. I have seen an incredible boom in yoga recently, with new classes starting up this autumn and sales of items like yoga mats, cushions and belts increasing,“ said Sarah-Jane, of Sarasvati, based in The Parade shopping arcade in St Mary’s Place.

“Books, cds and dvds about this spiritual pastime are also selling very well. I think the rise in popularity is down to people learning more about its healing and relaxing powers, which is very appealing as our lives become busier and more frantic.

“Of course we also hear a lot about celebrities and sportspeople getting involved and looking very toned and fit so that has helped to increase its appeal,” said Sarah-Jane, who is also trained in meditation techniques.

Her shop displays a range of leaflets about yoga groups in Shrewsbury and anyone wanting to add to this information is invited to drop a flyer or card in to Sarasvati in The Parade.

The store, which opened nine years ago, also sells a wide selection of handicrafts from the east. These include Tibetan jewellery made by refugees, Nepalese sacred jewellery. Fair Trade handicrafts such as ethnic musical instruments sound healing tools, Tibetan bells and hand-made singing bowls, Buddhist and Hindu sculptures and statues. It is also currently giving away a free meditation DVD whilst stocks last.


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