The benefits of hiring tools when you’re a freelance tradesperson

Setting yourself up as a freelance tradesperson is an incredibly exciting venture. Having the freedom to work as and when you need to comes with its own unique set of perks, which may be unparalleled by working for any bigger company. One of the first things you should be doing as part of your move into the freelance realm is looking into high-quality tools. Just like the financial and marketing side of business, the tools are keys to your success.

Buying a new kit is expensive

Part of your new business plan should feature a financial outline on how to pay for your trade tools. This is vital, as not having the requisite, high-quality tools could come with its own financial implications for your freelance business. As a business owner, you are ultimately in control of your own reputation. Not having the tools to carry out the job to your desired specifications could significantly impact on your ability to deliver the service you aspire to. Therefore finding tools to rent that come from an experienced provider with expert knowledge will be invaluable to you. However, when you draft your new business plan, be sure to include the cost of hired tools on top of any you will need to fully-purchase. Your spreadsheet should include:

  • The upfront cost of any purchased business tools
  • The ongoing cost of any hired tools
  • The cost of business insurance to cover you

Monitoring the ongoing cost of all these will allow you to easily factor any hiring costs to your start-up company. On top of this, you need to remember that you are solely responsible for the costs, taxes, and expenses of your company.

Hiring as you need it

Hiring tools as you need it is particularly useful for the changing nature of your day-to-day business. You might need a ladder one day, a vacuum cleaner for a clean-up and then a power drill the day after. Hiring tools allows you to hire the items that you will need only very occasionally, but are still instrumental to your success as a freelance tradesperson. This will also allow you more flexibility on a day-to-day basis. If you only need a vacuum cleaner for the finishing of a job on Friday, why purchase it? This will also inevitable save you more space in the van, as well as storage space. Saving space, when possible, could be vital for a start-up tradesperson, particularly if your business premises are relatively small in size.

Starting up a trade business from scratch can be intimidating. Taking all the skills, you learned as a builder and applying them to a fully-functioning business with a reputation to keep is a decisive career move. On top of this, cost will be very important to you. This is why hiring tools could be a very wallet-savvy move for you. Discovering which tools are best to hire and which are best to purchase will help you save both money and storage space.


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