The Benefits of Gaming to the UK Economy

We often hear about the positive effects of gaming for leisure reasons but there are many other benefits this industry brings to the UK. In 2011 the British Betting industry was worth around £3.5 billion, of that £700 million was from online gaming.

The industry contributed over 38,000 full-time jobs giving significant employment opportunities through the recession and years since.

In recent times the rise of mobile and tablet gaming has caused a renaissance era for classic casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and for community games such as bingo. Industry experts expect this trend to continue and to eclipse typical online gaming in the near future.

Since social media companies have opened their platforms to gaming operators, the ability to integrate games such as poker and bingo into their sites has opened yet another market for the industry.

The success of the industry brings benefits to the tax man bringing in around £900million a year in tax revenue.

If your looking to start playing online casino you must be wondering which brands are are the most trust worthy? With such a big industry you must be wondering what are the best casino sites? Its wise to do your research and read some reviews before choosing.

Events such as the World Cup in Brazil this summer offer big opportunities for online gaming companies, especially in the field of sports betting.

Public perceptions to online gaming have also changed in recent years with a greater understanding and accepting within British culture.


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