Baseboards or No Baseboards in Your Home

Having baseboards or not in a home is something every homeowner has to decide. This piece is addressing all there is to know about having floor trims. This will enable you to make the right decision when designing and structuring your home. Let’s get right to it.

Lots of homes have baseboards, but you have to know if yours need one as well. With the advancements of interior design materials, most professionals see little need for having baseboards installed. However, many individuals want these fixtures in their homes as they offer visual benefits and protect against damages. You can check this link for more on how they add value to your property. 

They are seen as millwork and are available in various shapes and sizes. They do provide more balance to the décor of your space. Also, they better frame the home. Overall, baseboards offer a more contemporary look to a home. If more detailed designs are added to a room, the baseboards provide a transitional style.

Note that other options can provide a contemporary look to a home. You Just have to converse with an expert. The expert will offer you other excellent options. With this, you can make a better choice.

You could choose to have no baseboards installed in your home too. It can also turn out beneficial to you. Without this fixture, lines are displayed from the floor that reaches the wall uninterrupted. This also provides a contemporary style to a home design. One that needs no lines. This ensures that the designs in your home are simple and clean. It also offers a modern look for your space.

The only disadvantage of going without baseboard trims is that your walls are susceptible to damages. Without the fixture, brooms and vacuum cleaners can damage the walls. This is a primary reason why homeowners opt for the trims. That said, if your building doesn’t incur too much dirt without edges, you can create a unique space. The ability to put a shelf against your walls will give your room a classic touch.

Why Should You Opt for a Baseboard Trim?

Baseboard trim provides a fabulous and stylish look to a room. They serve a great function by protecting the bottom walls from damages. This, in turn, allows you to save lots of money on repairs.

Below are a few lists of benefits of having the trim installed:

  • They protect the walls from accumulating dirt
  • Help to stop insects from entering the house
  • protects the bottom walls from vacuums and brooms
  • provides a contemporary look to a room
  • Enables expansion and contraction in the home
  • They hide flaws

Most homeowners choose to baseboard their room to tie everything together. They provide better functionality to the room. Without the fixture, the house looks cheap and simple. You can check this website for more on adding functional features to your living space. 

When a house is new, it is difficult to find cracks or flaws. This might be a reason for you to consider the no baseboard option. However, a building is bound to incur damages as it gets older. With the floor trims, you cover the cracks and flaws on the bottom wall. Also, the edges ensure the walls do not retain moisture. Moistures are known to damage walls. So, a fixture that prevents water damage in the room is an excellent idea.

Selection Tips for a Baseboard Trim

The trims are usually 2 to 8 inches tall. They can be purchased as a single strip or in smaller and separate pieces. You can also opt for a larger size compared to the standard ones. This is because a more significant size allows you more flexibility.

Tips for selecting your fixture:

Tip 1 

Select a fit that matches your casing. This will help better blend the design of your room.

Tip 2 

Always consider the height of your trim. Choose larger sizes for a more intricate design.

Tip 3 

When opting for a DIY design, choose the best materials. Also, use glues and caulks. This is much more precise and easier than nails. Also, to get better results, ensure to dry-fit the pieces.

Tip 4 

To ensure that your trims are done to perfection, hire a professional installer. A qualified professional will ensure that they provide quality materials to your project. They will also make sure that all flaws and cracks are properly hidden.

Why Should I Consider Baseboard Trims?

Without the trim, your room is provided an aesthetic look. There is a unique yet simple look to the space Without the trim, the walls hit the floor without anything in between. This makes the house easier to maintain.

There are several ways to achieve a no-baseboard look. Some of these fixtures include no base at all, a flash-mount, a reveal, and a bead gap.

A revealing look ensures that edges do not meet. This, in turn, forms a gap. A flush-mount look is when a baseboard flush is installed with the drywall. The process will involve the wall being held back from the floor. The space between can then be plastered over. This will ensure that lines are eliminated.

A bead gap involves a technique whereby the contractor uses a bead between the wall and floor. The bead is a plastic fit that the installer uses to form a gap while finishing the bottom wall.

Is Foregoing Baseboard Trims Cost-Effective?

Homeowners believe that without trims, they can save money during construction. However, without this fixture, the dry waller must be precise on how they complete the flooring and drywall.

The fixtures ensure that imperfections are covered. So, you need the best installers to do clean and precise work for you. For clean and accurate results from a professional, you need to pay more for labor costs. The link here has suggestions on how to save on home upgrades. 

My Take

Choosing a baseboard trim is a good idea. This is because they create a finished look for a home. Remember to select a style that better suits your room. If you are someone who loves contemporary and minimalistic aesthetics, you can forego trims. Do not forget that preceding decorations can be labor-intensive. And this can cost you a lot more money. In the end, it all depends on what you want.


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