Art International Group Hold Llangollen Exhibition during Eisteddfod

Members of Art International Group will be holding a one-day exhibition and sale at the Hand Hotel, in Llangollen, to coincide with the International Eisteddfod, whose aim of international understanding and co-operation the Group shares. This will take place on 12th July 2013, and will run from 10.00 until 18:30.

Members will show two or more of their works in a variety of media, which, either in subject matter or style, reflect an aspect of their national culture. AIG was founded in 2009 by Svetlana Elantseva, an artist of Russian origin, now based in the Shrewsbury, and exhibitions by the group have been held in Moscow and England. This will be the first exhibition in Wales. Contributors, many of whom live in Shrewsbury, originally come from Russia, China, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and England.

Art International Group is very proud to welcome two distinguished guests, Professors Jin Bai and Professor Haisheng Li, who are visiting the UK during the summer and have agreed to exhibit some of their work in Llangollen. They are renowned artists within China and overseas, Professor Bai for her art work, and Professor Li for music. Much of their collaborative art works are innovative integrations of music, fine arts and other types of Chinese national cultural treasures or arts. Their achievements, including winning prestigious art competitions, personal exhibitions & publications, and grand concerts featuring their own designs of ceramic instrument, have been recognised widely through television interviews with major TV and radio channels and frequent newspaper coverage in China.

Among their well-known masterpieces, Lian Pu Xun, an interpretation of the Peking Opera Facial Mask, is a unique creation of ceramic art that embodies several Chinese classic arts (i.e. the Peking Opera Mask; the ancient Xun musical instruments and ceramics). In 2010, the Lian Pu Xun was used by Professor Li for a live music recital at the opening ceremony of the 6th China-ASEAN Expo, especially for the presidents and senior officials of 11 countries. Meanwhile, their Lian Pu Xuns were made China’s state gifts for presidential guests.

Bai Li is a former National Director of the China Young Artists Association (1994-2002) - an honour awarded to her after she won the First Prize at the National ‘Chun Ya Cup’ Contest of Fine Arts, and many other national and international competitions. Bai grew up on an Arts University campus in China. She is so far the only private student of Master Gesheng Huang, whose art works were presented as special gifts to several international presidents by the Chinese Government. Bai’s love for all kinds of art, particularly traditional painting, flourished in her childhood and continues today. Her very first personal painting exhibition was held at the age of five with media coverage on a number of Chinese TV and newspaper media.

Bai’s painting work has been exhibited in many countries: USA, UK, Japan, Russia, Norway, China (mainland, Hong Kong, Macaw, and Taiwan), some permanently. In 2001, she was elected and named as the ‘Most Remarkable Youth of Nanning’ - the capital city of Guangxi Province.

Svetlana Elantseva produces paintings, collages, 3D ceramic sculpture, photographs and films, and her inspiration comes from her life and work in Russia where she worked as a member of a team of artists producing Soviet art for communication to the masses until the event of Perestroika, working to strict guidelines governed by political directives to conform to the Soviet propaganda style using different visual forms. Svetlana doesn’t always choose Russian subjects, but her use of colour and her personal style belongs very much to her life and training there.

Alexey Gilyarov lives and works in Moscow, where he makes monumental art on a grand scale, runs workshops, and paints in oils and acrylics. In February 2013, he visited Shrewsbury in England, and produced several paintings in acrylics in his unique but colourfully Russian style.

Tanya Golovatyuk notices how the brightness of Ukrainian art and craft influences her colour choices; those in Western European art are often more muted. Tanya has lived in the UK for several years now, and is aware that influences on her art have become mixed. She has painted Welsh sunsets, the light on Dublin Bay, and landscapes from her travels in France.

Dave Kemsley paints in water colour and acrylics. He has no set subject: the light on a piece of woodland; on a woman’s face; the colour on a beach; the positions people take up when at leisure; pieces of pottery; the calmness of snow. He will be exhibiting one of his favourite water colours which emerged after making sketches of the waterfall, Pistyll Rhaedr near Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant. He has lived in Shrewsbury for more than 40 years.

Dave Roberts is a self-taught pastel artist who lives in North Wales. He specializes in landscape paintings of Snowdonia. His work is the antithesis of what most would imagine a pastel painting to be; they are generally bold and vivid, with lots of detail. Dramatic skies and water feature heavily and he is generally to be found walking in the mountains at sunrise or sunset to capture the best light.

Tamara Shirinova was born in Azerbaijan. She paints in different styles: expressionist, abstract and realist, and explores her culture and tradition through her art. She says: “From an early age, I absorbed colours, movements and sounds, and transformed them into paintings. My emotions, thoughts and dreams reform themselves into bold and vibrant images. Soft, seductive reds and soft pastels, dashes of purple, peach, orange, brown bring atmosphere, warmth and positive energy into a room. I make use of colour as a powerful stimulus to affect mood and generate specific emotions.

The beautiful setting of the Hand Hotel and the vibrant atmosphere of the Eisteddfod will add to the excitement of the artists’ work and their co-operation.

Art International Group would like to thank their sponsors for their support. The Hand Hotel, one of the premier hotels in Llangollen, has kindly provided exhibition space. Jenny Gunning, of Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing Ltd, has been most generous with her help in framing and printing exhibition and promotional materials. Steve Ashdown at the Phoot Creative Marketing and Design Agency in Shrewsbury, and the Chairman of Creative Shropshire has given valuable help with designing promotional materials for this exhibition.


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