Another win for Club Secretary Graham Colclough

Another croquet tournament at Monkmoor Rec and another win for club secretary Graham Colclough, who snatched this victory from the jaws of a defeat which at one time seemed quite inevitable. Alan Smith, the other finalist, played immaculately for most of the game and had reached the final hoop with both balls when his ever-accurate shooting abruptly deserted him. Graham, who had been struggling hitherto, found form and charged, eventually winning 26-22. Which in croquet jargon is +4: It is the difference in the scores that is recorded, not the actual points scored. Thus, Alan's score was -4 and was entered thus on his handicap card, croquet having adopted and adapted the custom of the golfing world. 

"Golf", by the way, refers in the croquet world to a form of the game which has been growing ominously of late and which is anathema to all right-thinking Association Croquet players. (This is, of course, a personal view, as is everything you read here. That's me presenting the glittering prizes, by the way: Peter Llewellyn Dorke, Chairman of the club and Manager of Competitions.)

Now you've seen what a cheerful chappy our secretary Graham is, you'll be wanting to talk to him about joining on 01939 233 196.



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