Another Chance to Revel-In-Dance

Christmas shoppers were once again treated to a surprise dance flashmob performance in Shrewsbury last Saturday. Up to 90 people burst into dance on Shrewsbury’s busy Pride Hill High Street , bringing a big smile to the faces of unprepared shoppers. Event organizer, Sarah Davies of ‘Revel-In-Dance’ was over joyed by the response “ once shoppers realized what was happening so many stopped to watch and cheer the performers on.

Two thirds of the dancers were ‘planted’ in the crowds so you can imagine the public’s reaction when the person standing next to them suddenly joined in! ”. To make it distinct from the last flashmob, this years performance fused Street Dance with Charleston. Sarah was equally thrilled by the number of people who signed up to take part, which topped last years figure by a third.

Over half the performers were under 14 and the whole ‘team’ was made up of people of mixed dance abilities.  Sarah went on to say “As well as creating a spectacle, the premise behind the dance flashmob is simply to get people excited about dancing and performing. Dancing is such an energizing and uplifting experience for both dancer and spectator and I ‘m always looking for ways to make people aware of this”. 

Sarah delivers Street dance and a range of dance classes for adults and young people across the county. She will be starting a course in Charleston dance in Shrewsbury in January. For details of classes contact Sarah on 0779 287 2830/[email protected] or visit


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