All You Need to Know About Your Consumer Rights

All You Need to Know About Your Consumer Rights

The Consumer Rights Act (2015) is available to provide shoppers with much-needed protection against retailers and manufacturers. After buying a range of gifts and items at Christmas, you might be wondering where you stand when it comes to refunds, returns and faulty items. Here’s all you need to know about your consumer rights.


Every consumer who bought a faulty item from a UK-based retailer has a right for the product to be repaired; otherwise, they are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of a purchase, and the money must be returned to the consumer within 14 days.

If you experienced an injury because of a faulty item, you can make a product liability claim. To do so, record all evidence of both the injury and product fault, notify the manufacturer, and recover your purchase receipts. The next step should be to click here to contact professional personal injury solicitors in Manchester, such as Garratts Solicitors (

If you purchased a faulty product more than 30 days ago, you will be happy to learn the product can still be either replaced or repaired under the Consumer Rights Act. A retailer will have only one more opportunity to make a repair that you are happy with. If you are still unsatisfied with the product, you have a legal right to a refund – and this right is available six months after you first bought the item.

Product Bought Six Months+

Consumers are still entitled to a repair or replacement more than six months after purchasing a faulty product. However, it is at the retailer’s discretion whether to deduct money for the use of the goods. Retailers will also be able to deduct money after just a month if the faulty product you purchased was a car.

Long-Term Protections

Long-term protections are available for consumers, but the level and length of protection will be determined by the type of product your bought and the amount paid. Consumer protections can extend for up to six years in both England and Wales, whilst they are only available for five years in Scotland.

Refunds If You Change Your Mind

You might be surprised to learn you are not legally obliged to receive a refund if you change your mind on a product. It is a retailer’s decision to provide a full refund or exchange service if you return an unwanted product in good condition.

Protection for Online Goods

The Distance Selling Regulations can provide cover for goods bought online, which offers additional protections over the Consumer Rights Act. It’s not only products that are covered, as you will also have protection for digital goods, such as downloads, eBooks, movies, games and music. However, you will only be entitled to a replacement if a download fails to play on either a computer or mobile device, as it is often difficult to prove that a download has not worked. Again, a retailer may choose to provide a partial refund.


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