8 Tips for your next trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is on the bucket list of all wanderlust bit individuals all over the world. The pretty bridges, the canals, the nightlife, the very insta-worthy alleys – everything about the city is beautiful. The city is filled with a lot of fun activities, and whether you are a college student ticking it off your bucket list, or a couple here to find some serene, there is something for everyone.

Listed below are 8 tips for your next trip to Amsterdam:

1.Weekdays YES; Weekends NO

If you are on a budget, it is best to schedule your visit in a way that makes you arrive in Amsterdam during weekdays. Hotel and hostel prices are extremely high during the weekends and that if you’re lucky to find yourself a place to stay in the first place.

2.Get your hands on the city card

Having an Amsterdam city card gets you unlimited access to the city’s public transport and gives you free entry into musems, and even discounts into some restaurants. However, if public transport isn’t your thing, or you simply require a bit for convenience without having to cater to bus or tram schedules you can always opt for car rental Amsterdam services.

3.Coffee places aren’t what you think they are

Given the legal status of consuming and purchasing of marijuana for personal use in the city, many coffee shops in the city sell all kinds of marijuana products. If you aren’t a user, it may come off as a shock for you and hence you have got to do your research.

4.Rain prone city

Amsterdam is an extremely rain prone city and it can literally rain dogs and cats at given time of the day. Everyday during your stay you ought be prepared to deal with a few splashes. Carry raincoats and gum boots with you if you can. Or else, carry lightweight rain gear in your backpack at all times.

5.Have your ID on you at all times

While the locals and police alike are friendly towards tourists, it is nevertheless advised to carry your ID card with you at all times. Its better to be safe than sorry, and if you are particularly looking into intoxicating yourself like there is no tomorrow, carrying your ID with you is must.

6.Stay close to what you are interested in

If you are in Amsterdam for the museums, stay close to the Vondelpark area; if you are there for some peace and quiet, Jordaan is your thing; if you are on a budget, stay close to Noord. Whatever may be the case, hotels and hostels in the city are very expensive and make sure to place your bookings well in advance to get a deal and to ensure that you have a room to stay in.

7.Keep your eyes open on the road

This is practically a no-brainer too, but one ought to be on the lookout when crossing roads. This is because not only are there cars on Amsterdam’s roads there are also a lot of bicyclists commuting their way. Also, it is advised to steer clear of the dark red lanes which are reserved for bikes.

8.Eat like there’s no tomorrow

In addition to its colorful lifestyle, Amsterdam is known for its food. You’ll find restaurants in almost all major cuisines from around the world. While you’re there, forget your diet and make the most of this amazing culinary experience. If you want to try Amsterdam’s local food, you ought to try dishes such as the stroopwafel and raw herring. The city’s breakfast is also very famous and so are its Italian restaurants and cafes.


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