7Video's Partnership with Bernslai Build on Strong Foundations

A video production company is celebrating a successful partnership with a leading social housing organisation after it was appointed to increase its client communication and engagement through a series of short films.

Shropshire-based 7Video has teamed up with Barnsley-based Berneslai Homes, a housing management organisation, to support the company’s new digital campaign which saw it develop a series of short videos to promote its Tenant Handbook and Annual Report.

The campaign was developed to help the organisation reach its diverse range of tenants in a comprehensible and accessible way – some of whom have difficulty understanding written communication. The short films were produced to enable Berneslai to engage more effectively and less formally with its tenants, with nearly 100% of its client-base saying they liked the new video, and more than half preferring it to the former paper format. The production of the video also saw Berneslai save thousands of pounds through cutting the cost of printing thousands of handbooks.

Peter Sims, Owner of 7Video, explained: “We were delighted to partner with Berneslai Homes on the organisation’s new digital campaign, and the feedback they have received from tenants already is fantastic. The videos were a perfect way for Berneslai to engage with their tenants as virtual methods of communications have proven far more effective than paper-based documents, and enable them to provide a comprehensible and clear message.”

Alongside producing the short films, 7Video also worked with a group of staff to share their technical knowledge and provide the team with advice and guidance to enable them to produce and edit their own videos. The training saw Berneslai use its new-found knowledge to produce two videos, which received positive feedback.

Dave Fullen, Director of Business Development at Berneslai, said: “Working with 7Video has been an uplifting experience for all involved. Not only have they helped us improve our customer-facing communication but they have left us with the ideas and skills to take projects forward ourselves. They were a great company to work with, they gave us their full attention, understood our needs, and delivered on time.”

7video is an independent company with bases in Shropshire and Coventry, and offers a wide range of services such as company, product, training, broadcasting and commercial videos, and many more. For further information about 7video, please visit www.7video.co.uk or contact 0844 576 3446.


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