6 Reasons to Play Team Sports as an Adult

As you get older, the days of doing exercise for fun seem to fade into nostalgic history, and you swap a social, committed activity for solitary jogging or viewing gym workouts as chores. There are lots of reasons to keep up team sports as an adult, including to fulfil your emotional, mental and physical standards of health around fitness. Read on to find out more.


This is the most obvious, but not to be overlooked reason to join a sports team in adulthood. Team sports often combine cardio with hand eye coordination and they keep you strong, flexible, and able to complete a range of movements. Team sports keep you mobile and fit as you become older, and as aging is a slippery slope when it comes to physical health, it is important to engage in activities which maintain your fitness.

Making Better Progress

Motivation is one of the key aspects of a team sport which exercising alone simply cannot offer. Going on a solitary run or trip to the gym is great for your health, but you will see far more improvement under the encouragement of a team. You will want to do your best for others as well as yourself, and there are members who can make you accountable for the effort you put into your exercise.


There’s no need to marry yourself off to just one sport! The beauty of team sports is their diversity, so you can try a number of different games, from baseball to soccer, in order to find what fits you best. You can even commit to more than one, and the variety will keep you inspired and provide a colorful aspect to your weekly activities.

Sense of Community and Commitment

For many adults, finding structure outside of the daily grind of work can be a difficult task. A weekly commitment can be an easy way to have personal time set aside to blow off steam and release the pent-up energy you may collect in a sedentary desk job or a career with copious amounts of stress. It also allows you to make friends beyond your immediate social circle and instantly bond with a group of people who share similar interests.

You Can Enjoy Better Sports Equipment

One of the most attractive concepts of team sports is training with exciting equipment as a team. Whether you meet up for a fitness session in the park, or engage in more specialized training, you can really feel like you are cultivating a passion. Bats, balls, nets - as a group, you can afford much more high-quality equipment than you would be able to with a solitary interest. You’ll need to think about renting out spaces weekly, baseball training aids or even basketball hoops to install on large flat terrain. The Hack Attack pitching machine is a very popular model you might want to check out for inspiration.

It Can Boost Your Confidence

Sports are a great way to become more confident both in your physical ability but also in your communication skills and leadership roles. Working in a team establishes different dynamics to navigate, and this is an opportunity which creates social skills that are valuable in every aspect of your life. Being on a team is an inherently social activity, and you can meet people you usually would not interact with, with much different lives and experiences to yourself. This gives you a chance to pierce your bubble and really engage with life.

We hope this list has inspired you to seek out or join in with local team sports. The competitive element drives you to further progress without you even realizing, as being swept up in the fun and adrenaline of different sports creates an environment which provides the best of both worlds in fitness and socializing.


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