6 Ideas for your next Staycation

Can’t travel abroad this year? That doesn’t mean you have to forego a well-deserved getaway! Chances are, your country already offers plenty of new places to discover and lots of opportunities to do new activities. Read on for our top 6 ideas for your next staycation . . . 

1.     Explore the night life 

From bars, to clubs, to casinos, you’d probably be surprised at how vibrant the nightlife in your own city or nearby places could be. Or if you’d rather spend the evening inside, there’s plenty of online casinos that offer hundreds of different types of online slots and live card games for a chill playing session.      

2.       Check out local landmarks

Get a tourist’s perspective of your own city by visiting museums and popular landmarks. You’ll have a great time brushing up your cultural and historical knowledge and you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of the place you call home. 

3.      Spend time discovering & enjoying nature 

Spending time in nature is a relaxing way to unwind - not to mention that it’s free of charge. Research nearby hiking trails, drive to the nearest beach, or simply head to a park for some time in the sun to top up on those Vitamin D levels. 

4.       Dine out at a new restaurant

With so many cuisines on offer nowadays, we’re certain there’s one you haven’t tried yet. Check your area for well-known restaurants or new eateries and challenge yourself by trying out something new. Your taste buds will thank you for it. 

5.       Join a tour or activity 

Read up on your community to learn more about niche activities in the area. Are there farms or vineyards in your area? Check for any wine-tasting events or eco-tours. Any nearby beaches or lakes? Find out whether you could try out water sports such as kayaking or snorkelling. 

6.       Book a stay in a different region

If you’re still determined to get that feeling of ‘travelling away’ from your home, you could always book a trip to a different part of your country. A car trip or train ride away could make all the difference for a change in scenery.

We hope our list has inspired you to organise a great staycation this year! Which is your favourite activity on our list? Let us know in the comments below.


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