5 Ways to Volunteer When You're Busy

Life gets busy sometimes. You're find yourself focusing on yourself more than the world. Some of your volunteer projects can get pushed to the back burner. Here's a handy guide for volunteering in your community.

These are just some of the ways you can give back, with little time and effort. These creative acts of kindness will be remembered within your community for years to come.

Recruit Your Family

One ways to start volunteering is to recruit some of your family members. If you're a parent, teach the value of volunteering to your little ones. Make volunteering a family even by enlisting the help of your children to give back to your community.

Don't know where to start? Here are some things you can do. Encourage your youngest children to start a school supply drive. You can hold one at a community center, library, or local school. You can also inspire your kids and their friends to get outdoors to clean their neighborhood and school grounds.

Bring your children to visit a nursing home. They can hear stories from the residents, and seniors love getting company. Don't forget to bring arts and crafts and games to keep everyone occupied. If you love kids but don't have any, then help out at a child-friendly volunteer organization.

Help Senior Citizens

Not everyone has the ability to get out of their home and socialize. Seniors get lonely as they grow older. Show an elderly neighbor that you care by offering to shovel their driveway or run errands. You can also surprise them without asking to do these things.

Bring them a hot meal or dessert the next time you visit. Or, you can offer to pay for their groceries during your next trip to the store. Sometimes spending time with them is the best free gift you can offer. Bring board games and movies to enjoy with them.

Start at Home

Charity starts at home, as they say. Cut back on your energy and water use to help the planet. Create arts and crafts for the residents at the community senior center. Or, you can make homemade gifts for your elderly neighbors.

Check in with your neighbors to see if they need help. Sometimes a friendly hi over the phone or in person is enough to make them feel good inside. Organize a volunteer group from your home. Think about a cause that speaks to your heart and organize a plan to get started. Use your computer for something other than Legs11 Bingo to make an online donation to your favorite charity or organization.

Get Some Furry Friends

There are so many animals that need a home, especially during the winter months. Donate your time to abandoned and abused animals. Find a local animal shelter in your area. Volunteer to feed the animals or play with them. If you have a hard time parting with one of them, consider fostering a pet in need.

Offer to walk your neighbor's dog instead. For a neighbor that's going away, offer to check in and feed their pet. Or, you can offer a temporary home for their pet to stay. If you have kids, invite them to the local animal shelter.

Give Back to Veterans

What a great way to give back to your community by helping out the ones who served. You can help military families and veterans moving to a community in a plethora of ways. Offer to cook them a new meal or give them a gift of a homemade pie. Round up some of the neighbors so you can through a friendly neighborhood potluck.

If they're new to the neighborhood, they may have difficulty getting around. Offer to run an errand for them to the store. Or, put together a local guide so they can explore the community on their own time. Don't forget to create care packages for troops who are serving overseas. The Internet has plenty of resources for helping veterans and military families.


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