5 Useful Resources for CAT Test Preparations

To pass a cognitive abilities test like the CAT4, kids must study from the proper collection of learning resources. Spending sleepless nights and stressful days worrying about CAT preparation will only make studying more difficult.

The internet will be your greatest friend as you try to cram for the CAT test, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Here are five useful resources you can look into for effective CAT test preparation.


Testfunda is completely free for CAT test papers but there are also paid options that will give you access to more resources. Testfunda uses games to help you study for the CAT, such as general knowledge, logical problem-solving, and reasoning activities. Games include Sudoku and Hangman, as it’s believed these assist students to improve their mental alertness.


This competitive website offers tons of free resources for students that can’t spend a lot of money on CAT preparation. Here, you can take plenty of CAT mock tests, as well as preloaded tests from older exam sessions that can help you understand what content will be covered. Cracku also offers weekly videos that discuss CAT details and concepts where you can access cheat sheets from professors and other students.

PreTest Plus

Offering online pre-tests in the UK, you can access practice tests to prepare for all the popular CAT concepts such as VARC and quantitative aptitude (QA). This website showcases plenty of online tests from the most basic information about CAT to the most difficult questions you may come across in the test. PreTest Plus is a great resource for students who are unsure about what to expect from the CAT4 test.

Takshzila FundaBooks

This resource is an online learning forum for students attempting the CAT test. The website offers thousands of downloadable PDFs specializing in CAT QA concepts. Takshzila makes learning easier for students as each of the major subjects of CAT are split into separate components that can be learned from individually. The site is 100% free and all resources include a practice exam at the end.


JumboTests is particularly useful because students will be marked against the official CAT test. This can help reduce stress while learning. Students have access to their and other students' scores to get a feel for how other people managed the test, and it’s more realistic in terms of preparation. The interface is similar to the official CAT test to give students a practical feel of the real thing.

There is no substitute for self-learning, however, students need every assistance they can get with CAT tests. These websites are a great choice for kids and parents who don't have time or money to attend classroom lessons. You will be able to learn at your own pace and get answers to all of your questions from a community of professors, students, and subject matter experts.


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