5 Things To Do in New Zealand

New Zealand holds the distinction of being one of those places that are an ultimate eye candy. It is a land that is rich in natural beauty, rocky terrains, beautiful mountains, breathtaking locations, and whatnot. So if you have planned a trip to New Zealand, it is imperative to conduct some in-depth research to know about the place. It is a country where you can ski and surf at the same time. Its beautiful glaciers are enough to compel someone to plan a trip to this magical land. Here, we will guide you through a few things you must do in New Zealand:

1.            Boogie Board Sand Dunes

Regardless of how old you are, boogie-woogie is the ultimate activity to take part in New Zealand. A Ninety-mile beach is a fun place to visit that has pure white sand. If you are a big fan of bodyboarding and surging the magnanimous left-hand breaks, boogie-woogie is your thing. Once you set off in the dunes, let your heart sing and soul take a breath of fresh air. You can also plan a trip down to the scenic route by yourself.

2.            Climb a Volcanic Island

Although it sounds like a cool country, New Zealand has quite a few iconic Volcanic Islands. Ever heard of Rangitoto Island? It erupted from the sea more than 600 years ago and since then has been serving as a popular tourist attraction in New Zealand. Don’t worry, you don’t have to climb the mountain yourself. There is a daily ferry service that escorts tourists to this island. This short trip is worth going on because it allows tourists to get a 360-degree view of Auckland.

3.            Swoon over New Zealand’s Favorite Exhibit

Do you know, New Zealand is the only place with the most amazing squid display in the world? So if you’re a fan of squid display, visit Wellington’s Te Papa museum to witness the 470 kg specimen that was encapsulated back in 2007. This museum is acknowledged as an iconic place and one that must be paid visit at least once in a lifetime if you’re traveling to New Zealand for the first time. You must enjoy the iconic squid ice cream of New Zealand when you go there.

4.            Kayak Around Cathedral Cove

It is acknowledged as one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. The intriguing thing to note about this Cove is its isolated position. However, you cannot drive to this place because of its iconic design. You will have to walk from the main city to this cove. If you are worried about the costs of traveling to this place, it is better to consult the travel agent. For instance if you’re traveling from the UK and applying for a New Zealand visa for UK citizens, it is better to ask the agent about all the famous tourist destinations and the price you have to pay.

5.            Hang Around The Hamilton Gardens

This beautiful architecture doesn’t often feature in the wish list when people are traveling to New Zealand. However, if you swoon over the beautiful green gardens, paying a visit to this place is a must. Hamilton Gardens are an example of how well natural beauty can be carved. This place is an award-winning attraction and is famous for its unique design. So if you feel like taking a tour of the world, walk around Hamilton gardens.



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