5 Simple Ways You Can Practice More Self-Care Every Day

While your social media news feed may tell you that self-care simply involves taking a hot bubble bath and putting on a face mask, it is important that you practice self-care, and make a habit of looking after yourself every day.

There is no right or wrong way to look after yourself and everyone’s self-care routines will be different. But it can still sometimes be hard to know where to start. So, to give you a few ideas, here are 5 simple ways that you can practice more self-care every day.

Say No

Many of us regularly find ourselves feeling obliged to say yes to people, tasks, and events even when really, we want to say no. But if you want to practice more self-care, then it is essential that you learn when to say no if you are already tired, stressed, or simply do not have the time.

If you are feeling the pressure at work, then be sure to push back when colleagues try to dump more workload on to you. Saying no can feel strange at first, but after a little practice, you will be able to politely say no and feel like you are in control again.

Get Enough Sleep

Experts have found a strong correlation between the amount of sleep we are getting and our physical and emotional wellbeing. Not getting the sleep that our body and mind needs to function can lead to major health issues and can cause anxiety.

Therefore, we recommend that you take your sleep very seriously and make getting enough sleep an important part of your nighttime routine. Making your bedroom a sleep conducive environment by keeping it dark and cool and having the right mattress for you can make getting enough sleep even easier. Remember that the best mattresses are soft and comfortable, keeping you cozy and asleep until morning.


We are all aware of how good exercise is for our physical health, but it also plays a huge role in maintaining our mental health by reducing stress levels and boosting our mood. Therefore, we recommend that you include a form of exercise into your daily routine.

While many of us may struggle to find the time (and energy) to head down to the gym every day, there are other forms of exercise that are just as beneficial. From walking to yoga, or swimming, you can find a form of physical activity that helps you to take care of yourself that also fits into your busy schedule.  

Eat Well

Self-care is all about looking after ourselves and doing what we can to ensure our body gets everything it needs. So, it is important that you are mindful of what you are putting into your body every time you eat. When life is busy and hectic, it can be easy to eat quick and convenient food, which is not the most nutritional.

Great self-care foods include blueberries, fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, and nuts. As tempting as it can be if you are feeling low, you will not feel better once you reach the bottom of an ice cream tub!

Start a Gratitude Journal

It can be easy to take for granted all the positive things that we have in life, instead, focusing on what we wish was different. So, by starting a gratitude journal and writing in it every day, you can train your mind to focus on the positives while setting your own personal goals for the day ahead.

Even the smallest and simplest of practices can make a huge difference to your daily self-care routine. What practices will you include?


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