5 Reasons Why Ethiopia Should be on Your Bucket List

If you are a big fan of history, beautiful landscapes, and joyful festivals, Ethiopia is the place you need to visit. It has several choices for fanatic travelers and continues to amaze the world with its breathtaking beauty. Its numerical system, unique calendar, and old alphabets are all things that differentiate it from the other places in the world. So now that you’ve decided to travel, here are a few reasons why you must plan a trip to this beautiful country:

1.      Scenic Landscapes

If you visit Ethiopia, you won't be able to elaborate its beauty in words. Spectacular mountains, rocky terrains, breathtaking views, and lush green gardens combine to compel anyone to lose his/her mind in the first glimpse. Although the country has 70% of mountains from the African continent, you can pay a visit to different places in this country. The intriguing thing to note about Ethiopia is, every corner of the country has something unique to offer. So you must plan a trip to this country once in a lifetime.

2.      Birthplace of Coffee

Everyone is a big coffee fan in today’s time. So if you are interested in studying the roots of this plant, don’t forget to plan a trip to Ethiopia. If you don’t know, magical red cherry was first discovered in this country. You will be surprised to know, locals also have a coffee festival where a social gathering celebrates coffee. If you visit Ethiopia, don’t miss out on this amazing festival. This festival is held several times a year and is celebrated so people can come together.

3.      Breathtaking Waterfalls

Having a length of 150 feet, the Blue Nile Falls is one of the greatest waterfalls in the African subcontinent. As the water drops, it creates a Smoky environment that looks mind-boggling. This is why locals call it Tas Abay , meaning the smoking Blue Nile of Ethiopia. As a British citizen, when you get Ethiopia VISA for UK Citizens, ask the travel agent if the trip also covers the trip to this beautiful waterfall. This waterfall is a tribute to River Nile, which is the longest river in the world.

4.      Tasty Food

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people visit Ethiopia is because of its amazing food. The intriguing part about Ethiopian cuisine is, it is unique and has a diverse variety of food. Meals are served mutually on a single platter to encourage dining together. If you want the ultimate experience of Ethiopian cuisine, you must try Injera, which is the most famous traditional dish in the country. Interestingly, people munch with their right hand and use the injera to scoop whatever they have on the table.

5.      The Environment

The Ethiopian environment is regarded as one of the most peaceful environments in the world. The moment you land in this country, a weird vibe will hit you. However, there is no need to worry because that is just the way this country is. Although it is flocked by tourists throughout the year, if you’re somebody who loves to walk around in the rain and enjoy coffee without worrying about anything around, Ethiopia is the place for you. Make sure to plan a visit to all iconic landmarks of the country to do justice to your visit.



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