5 Online Shopping Hacks for Saving Serious Cash

These days, consumers have access to more online shopping options and deals than ever before in human history. This unprecedented level of e-commerce means that for every desire, there are one or more solutions. However, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to sift through all of the options and varieties available within any given niche.

Ultimately, every consumer cares about one crucial aspect of shopping: saving money. With so many options available to shoppers, finding the best deals can feel like more of a challenge than ever. Despite this, there are numerous options available for those who care about saving money when shopping online.

Let's look at five online shopping hacks that can seriously save you cash on your next virtual shopping trip.

Look for Coupon Codes

Perhaps one of the easiest online shopping hacks that can save you lots of money over time is the use of coupon codes. There are many websites out there that offer more coupon codes than you can imagine, ranging from those that provide free items with select purchases to those that give a one-time discount for first time customers.

Regardless of the exact brand, coupon and discount, saving money is easily done with this method. Saving even just 5-10% off every online purchase can quickly add up – and most online retailers offer at least one way to save via coupon codes. Sites like Raise make it even easier to save, as they collate coupons and codes for a range of retailers, meaning you don't have to check each site individually - you can check out here to see what, and where, the deals to be had are.

Ignore Your Shopping Cart

As more and more online retailers have emerged, those very same entities have had to become more competitive and innovative. One of the biggest losses for businesses in terms of potential sales is shopping cart abandonment; for any number of reasons, people add items to their carts but never check out.

If you've already created a user account with the brand in question, chances are you'll receive an email shortly thereafter reminding you about the cart. You may even see ads targeting cart abandonment in search engines and on social media. Many of these brands will even provide you with an additional discount to encourage you to complete your order. While this isn't a guaranteed tactic, it is worth trying if you have some time to wait on a better deal.

Delete Your Cookies

You might not know it, but many businesses actually provide different prices to different visitors. This strategy, known as dynamic pricing, is based on a variety of factors, including your location, browsing history and other variables. You can circumvent this by clearing your cookies, using a private or incognito mode with your browser and/or using a proxy that hides your location. By doing so, you can avoid having past purchases and your own geography used against you in the form of higher prices.

Search for Promotions and Deals

Most businesses count on shoppers taking the path of least resistance, but finding great deals is usually just a scroll or two away. Most businesses end up with surplus inventory or items that they would otherwise like to move fast; these can often be found under sections such as “clearance”, “promos” or “deals”.

These may be listed at the bottom of a website or in an otherwise obscure section, but searching to see if your chosen retailers offer this can potentially save a lot of money.

Shop at the Right Times

Depending on the brand, product and niche, prices can vary considerably from day to day. Some retailers also offer limited deals, often corresponding with their least busy online shopping days. For most brands, this will be between Wednesday and Friday (the days where many people are waiting for their next payday).

By keeping an eye on deals, discounts and even standard prices throughout the week, you may find that the product you're wanting is cheaper just by waiting a few days to make a purchase.

Saving big money online through just a few simple hacks is easy. Some involve a bit of research, while others involve patience – but the end result is all the same. By being deliberative with your shopping habits, you'll pay far less for many essential items and services you buy online.


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