The 5 Best Welders for Home Use

Unless you intend to do a lot of home welding, it would probably be better to rent a welder to use domestically rather than purchase one. For the home hobbyist who welds as part of his or her craft, then perhaps an outright purchase would be best. However, if you have a DIY repair or renovation you are about to undergo, you might want to look at what Foster Industrial has to offer in the line of welders or plasma cutters for hire. These are the top 5 best welders & cutters for home use but remember, the type of weld you need to perform needs to match the welder you rent. Here are some choices.

1.GYS Pearl 150 MIG inverter

The Pearl 150 is ideal for home use, as it can run gasless or gas shielded wire, meaning if you don’t want to carry round a gas cylinder you don’t have to! Weighing just 14 kilos & offering exceptional portability, it’s ability to weld from a 13amp 240volt socket makes it a hirer’s favourite.

2. Hypertherm Powermax 30 xp

At the bottom end of the Powermax range for hire there’s the Hypertherm Powermax 30. With a 12mm metal cutting capacity, it can run 110 or 240 volts, depending on where you are and what you need in terms of power ratings. Whilst the smallest of the Powermax series, the Hypertherm Powermax 30 is still one mighty powerful little plasma cutter.

3. Miller Migmatic 175 or 220

As far as MIG welders go, Miller has earned a name in the industry as a manufacturer of robust & reliable machines. You can usually rent the Miller Migmatic 175 or 220 and dependant on the thickness of material you are welding and the application you’ll not go far wrong. For simple MIG jobs up to 6mm diameter, such as car body repair or light maintenance, you can’t beat a single phase Miller Migmatic.

4. Miller Mpi 220P MIG         

Another great MIG welder for home use is the MPI 220 multi process set. Considered by many to be one an industry leader, Miller has earned respect over many decades for its three year warranty packages and innovation. The MPI 220 has one knob control & with tasks being pre-programmable, it’s a great set for stainless & aluminium welding up to 5mm. 

5. Miller Maxstar 200 Stick Welder

This is by far the most favourite stick welder to hire on the market as it has multi voltage input, but there are other choices available as well. Depending on the type of weld, power availability and the materials to be welded, you can also rent the Miller 160 STI inverter for smaller jobs for less money, but it will only run on 240 volts.

These are the five best welders for home use but do keep in mind that there is a wide array of welders you can purchase or rent so choose carefully based on the job at hand. Will you be doing a lot of cutting or are you just looking to do a couple quick joints? Welders for hire are your best option if you have just a simple job, a one-off repair that requires use of a welder without going to all the expense of buying one. But even so, make sure to go top of the line. Your results will depend on quality not cost.


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