4 Steps to Help You Become a Better Adult

Everyone grows up eventually, but this doesn't mean it has to be a process filled with dull tasks and a conservative lifestyle. In fact, being a responsible adult can lead you down a path of financial freedom, a rewarding career and a less cluttered life.

Of course, adulthood doesn't come naturally to everyone and many don't have a clear idea of how to go about these responsibilities. If this sounds like you, here's a guide for all your adulting needs.

Work Toward a Career

If you haven't thought about or don't have a good idea of the career you want, you might want to take the Myers-Briggs personality test. It assigns you one of sixteen personality types, each of which has proclivities and interests that are suited to certain professions. While Myers-Briggs suggestions don't necessarily give you the perfect career, it may set you upon the correct path.

Once you know the field you want to pursue, look for freelance work in those areas. Freelance jobs let you work on your own terms in a variety of fields, such as marketing, writing and social media. Companies like Amway and Elance hire freelance workers for project-based salaries, so they are good places to start.

Clean up Your Living Space

You've fought it all your life, that nagging voice from down the hall that was your mother's. It implored you to clean up your room when you were a kid, and now that you have your own place, you have let it slip into disrepair. Fortunately, there are some simple techniques to help you declutter and keep your place orderly.

First, take five minutes out of every day to pick up after yourself. This means clothes, dishes and other odds and ends. Put dirty clothes in the hamper, dishes in the dishwasher and other items in their designated spots. If you have a vast collection of things you don't use anymore, make a trip to the donation bank and give all your extras away. For deep cleans, designate one day out of the month and scrub down your apartment more thoroughly. This will keep your living space squeaky clean.

Invest in Your Future

Smart financial investments now will help you live comfortably later on. While it's not always easy or possible to squirrel money away, you should open an IRA if you haven't already. An IRA, or individual retirement arrangement, lets you deposit money into an account and deduct that amount from your federal income tax form. This money continues to earn while in the market and also gives you a more substantial tax return.

Investing in your future isn't only about money, though. Join a gym, a soccer team or bicycle club to invest in your physical health. Make an activity schedule and stick with it. Exercise is good for your mind as well because it can decrease stress and anxiety and help you lead a more balanced lifestyle.

Keep Appointments

Nothing screams irresponsible like tardiness or forgetting appointments. While you sometimes may have to miss appointments for reasons outside of your control, if this is a trend, you need tools to help you remember your obligations. Apple and Google both have planners and calendars for their mobile devices. You can set reminders, color code different types of appointments and keep all your ducks in a row with a little extra planning.


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