4 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Overall Health

With winter quickly approaching, you may be worrying about all the bugs that are flying around at that time of year. In addition to this, experts are warning of a new wave of Covid hitting us as the colder weather approaches and immune systems are compromised. 

With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can help protect yourself and give your immune system a boost before the colder weather hits. This article will explore some of the things you can do at home to help give you a boost to your overall health and immunity.

Eat Well

It’s no surprise that your diet plays a huge role in your overall health. Eating well can protect you from heart disease, cancer and colds and flu.

In order to get the best from your food you should ensure you have a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates, and where possible, stay away from things like sugars and refined or processed foods.

Diet is often the cause of inflammation which can also lead to joint and muscle pain as well, so if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, often the first place to begin investigating is what you are eating, and often even the simplest changes will result in more energy and a feeling of wellbeing. 


Exercise is fantastic for your overall health; it keeps your heart healthy but also increases your mental wellbeing as it releases mood boosting chemicals such as endorphins.  

Exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym. If you are not a fan, you can always walk in nature, swim, take a Pilates class or even just kick a ball around with your children. Whatever activity you do is much better than doing nothing at all and is very good for you both physically and emotionally. 

Take Supplements

There are a lot of supplements on the market that will support your immune system and give you an overall feeling of wellbeing. These range from basic multivitamins, to more specific supplements like echinacea which is designed to help support your immune system, or you can go for a more all-round supplement like Mitotrax. Supplements like this have multiple benefits as they contain a number of ingredients such as vitamins, and coenzymes and antioxidants designed to help your body perform at its very optimum level.

The great thing about nutritional supplements as opposed to medication from your doctor is that it is herbal and therefore doesn’t often come with nasty side affects you can get from prescription medication.

Before taking any supplement, it is advisable to contact your GP, especially if you are on other medications which could be impacted by the supplements. 

Take Me Time

Taking time for you is great for both your mental and physical health. This might be something as simple as a relaxing hot bubble bath or just some time where you lose yourself in a good book or movie. Not only is this a mindful exercise which allows you to be in the present and not focus on any stress you may be experiencing, it is also thought that relaxation allows your body to more easily ward off viruses and bugs. Happy mind, happy body! 

What if I Do Get Sick?

If you do get sick, ensuring you continue to take supplements, drink plenty of fluids and lots of rest will help ensure you make a much faster recovery. 

By taking care of yourself every day, you are much more likely to be able to fight off infections and serious diseases.


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