4 Magic Touches to Add to Your Wedding in Shrewsbury

Your wedding should be one of the most magical days of your life, and if you want your wedding to feel more like a Disney movie than real life, this is the article for you. If you live in Shrewsbury or are planning to travel to have your wedding in Shropshire, there are many ways that you can make sure that your big day is magical in a way that is unique to Shropshire. This guide will describe some of the best of the special touches that Shropshire can provide, along with some great tips to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly.

Chocolate Décor

There are many ways to make the décor of your wedding unique to you and your wedding, and the décor that you invest in is likely to change the entire atmosphere and appearance of your wedding. One of the best options for wedding décor is to choose personalised decorations such as balloons with your names on or custom confetti. However, there are many other magical options that are unique to Shrewsbury, such as Sweet Trees by Browns’ delectable range of chocolate trees, which combine both a fun snack with sophisticated décor. From alcoholic options such as spiced rum and gin and tonic to options such as Lindt and Maltesers, there is a chocolate tree to suit everyone’s taste buds and impress your guests.

A Dazzling Location

Your wedding venue should be one of the first factors that you consider when planning your wedding, and Shropshire is home to a wide selection of dazzling locations set in the peaceful and idealistic countryside. If you want your wedding to look like a medieval fairytale, there are many Shropshire locations for you. Hawkstone Park, for example, is home to beautiful Follies which can make a unique backdrop to your wedding. There is also a range of castles such as Rowton that are scattered across the Shropshire countryside that can make you feel like a prince or princess. Other great options in the Midlands include Dudley Zoo, where you can spend the day surrounded by exotic animals as part of your wedding entourage.

Hire Entertainment

There is also a range of exciting performers and entertainment in Shrewsbury and the surrounding area that can add that extra sprinkle of magic to your wedding. For the most magical of them all, there is a selection of practising magicians that are available to hire for weddings, and that can help to set your wedding apart from any other with their unique brand of entertainment. If magicians don’t appeal to you, you should opt for a DJ or live musicians local to the Shrewsbury area that can get all of your wedding guests up on to the dance floor in no time at all.

Find the Right Vows

To make your wedding magical, it is also essential to find the right vows to say what you truly mean. This is especially applicable to ceremonies outside the church or civil partnerships, where vows may not be pre-written. For those that are celebrating in Shropshire, the council has compiled a brochure of the type of vows and songs that you might choose, along with any legal advice that you may need.


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