3 Steps You Should Take to Attend a Shropshire Equestrian Event

Shropshire is home to a wide variety of horsing events for every skill and experience level, whether you are a rider yourself or just love to watch. If you own a horse and want to get involved in the local competitions and horse shows around Shropshire and the Midlands, this guide will help you to determine what you need to do before committing yourself and your horse to an equestrian event.

Research Events in Your Area

One of the first things that you should do when thinking about getting involved in equestrian events is to find the right event near you to ensure that it suits your skill level and the temperament of your horse. To do this, you should check Shropshire event listings which detail the latest upcoming events and how you can get involved as both a participant and spectator. For instance, there are many upcoming events at local equestrian clubs such as Radfords and Burton Manor throughout the summer and autumn, including the horse show at Stirchley Showground. There are also many training events that you can attend in Shropshire and which can help to grow your expertise and prepare you for competition-level events near you. The British Horse Society has an extensive list of training events to help you to hone your skills.

Arrange Accommodation for Your Horse

If you own a horse and want to enter it into competitions, you will need to arrange a viable transport and accommodation option to ensure that your horse is safe and happy during the journey and throughout the day itself. You should find a secure location to stable your horse attending events, especially if these events run over multiple days. Prime Stables has a range of temporary and mobile stables for horses that can be used if you are attending longer events or if you are unable to get a suitable field for your horse to graze in. The benefits of portable stables include the idea that they do not need planning permission, and yet their timber construction makes them more suitable than horseboxes for longer visits.

Consider Being a Spectator

Becoming a spectator to a horse event is important before you commit yourself to enter in the next year as this will give you an idea of what to expect and the competition that you may have to face, as well as the conditions that you can keep your horse in. When entering a competition, it is extremely important that you have a keen knowledge of all the rules that you will have to follow. Being a spectator will also give you an enhanced grasp of the rules and any disqualifying factors that you have seen. You can also conduct research into events by deciding to volunteer at the local events near you, as this can give you a first-hand idea of what the event involves and which would be suitable for you in the future, as well as enabling you to make contacts and get more experience.


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