On 20th June 2013 the British MoD released the tenth and final part of their UFO files.

Guest post by UFOlogist Darren Perks.

I welcome this final release, and although I believe that not 'all' documents will have been released as some will no doubt have been kept back due to the information contained in them, its always good to see letters and responses in these files from the MoD.

I disagree with their comments about closing the UFO desk at the MoD, where they say that:

"In over 50 years no UFO sighting reported to [MoD] has ever revealed anything to suggest an extraterrestrial presence or military threat to the UK, and there is no defence benefit in [MoD] recording, collating, analysing or investigating UFO sightings"

I wish to point out here to everyone and the MoD that the Cosford and Rendelshem Forest UFO incidents alone where huge, and that clearly British Airspace was intruded by UFOs which operated freely over military bases. These UFOs were witnessed by many people including military and police personnel, so to say that they were of no threat is rubbish. Someone in authority in the MoD or otherwise knows this but I feel that they do not wish to admit a 'concern' publicly.

There are 25 files containing 4400 pages. The files cover the work carried out during final two years of the MoDs UFO desk, from late 2007 until November 2009. The files cover policy, correspondence with Ministers and members of the public, responses to FOI requests and sighting reports.

Ten files originate with DAS (Directorate Air Staff, MoD Main Building). In December 2008 the UFO desk moved to RAF High Wycombe and the remaining 15 files originate from the RAF Air Command.

The files can be viewed for free for one month on the National Archives website here: UFO Files

As always Shropshire has featured heavily in the released files and in particular an incident which happened at Tern Hill Barracks on 7th June 2008. Soldiers from the Royal Irish Regiment witnessed and filmed approx 13 separate lights in a group moving slowly through the sky on the perimeter of the base. One of the soldiers who says he 'zoomed in' on the lights, described lights of different colours and what he thought was a 'cube' shaped object. He used his mobile/cell phone with a 5 mega pixel camera to shoot the video.

For legal reasons I will not name the soldiers even though their names were released in the press at the time. They were disciplined by their commanding officers for submitting their report and video to the press at the time. It was such a concern to the Army and MoD at the time that ranking officers as high as a Lieutenant Colonel dealt with matters in regards to what the soldiers witnessed.

I investigated the incident in June of 2008 and came to the conclusion that it was highly likely to be Chinese lanterns that were released by a wedding party at a nearby venue. The incident occurred at approx 2300 hours and at the same time the wedding party at the nearby venue did release quite a lot of lanterns into the sky. This was confirmed at the time by a TV reporter who contacted the venue, and later on myself and other people had confirmation from staff at the venue. The venue Tern Hill Hall was in the exact same direction that the video was taken.

That saying one of the soldier’s described a 'cube' shape object that he could see on the screen of his mobile/cell phone. This has never been confirmed as actually being in the sky at the same time as the lights they saw, but it is likely that this was due to distortion of pixels on because he was zoomed in on the lights. This creates and effect that may seem to some that there are other objects in the frame, like shapes or colours.

The files on Shropshire and relevant pages within them in this last release are as follows:

DEFE 24/2625/1 - Pages 75 & 76, 107 to 111 and 120 to 121
DEFE 24/2460/1 - Pages 56 to 60
DEFE 24/2624/1 - Pages 210 to 228
DEFE 24/2449/1 - Pages 223 and 227 to 234

So that is it no more official UFO files to be released by the MoD. Over the last few years we have been graced with all sorts of documents from the UFO files releases, some very interesting and some a little obscure. But the fact remains today that UFOs still continue to be seen by many many people in the UK, with only about 5% of sightings truly unconventional and unexplainable.

Do the MoD still investigate UFOs? Of course they do, because if British Airspace is intruded by an Unidentified Flying Object it is a security concern. Deep inside the MoD there is still someone or some department that will be secretly keeping an eye on the skies....



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