When 12 becomes 13...A New Year's Wish

So with Christmas almost a week behind us and the year's review written, all that is left to do before we can declare a state of normality, is to see in the New Year and wish the old one and all it has achieved a farewell, fond or otherwise it's going and that's good.

For me the old year was a good one with improvements in areas of my health and family and of course, theatre. The Owen Lewis Portable Theatre company is looking forward to March  when we shall be playing Theatre Severn and The Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton and other venues; also The Hive and Theatre Severn are promising some extremely exciting events. 

I shall extend my reviewing to other events and areas of the county.  Exciting times indeed. I hope that all of you get what it is that you are seeking for in 2013, and that the next fifty two weeks will be magical for you.

Ok, Ok, enough of the sentiment, I know things on New Year's Day always disapponitingly look just the same as the day before and we all just carry on, but I do believe in fresh beginings and new starts. So at Twelve o'clock I shall say farewell to an old friend and welcome a new one.Tomorrow will be 2013 and today will be history. How ephemeral, we bid 2012 in just the same way and not much changed.

It was, however a good year to be British. We bid E2 or HRH to her friends a happy reign having already put in sixty year's service you would suspect a slight break for our queen but no, she goes on. She is the face of England and I wish her luck and I wish her another few good years before we have to change a single word in the national anthem.

We also staged a world class olympic games and what's more came third. A whole host of new track and field stars entered into the country's history and we held our heads high in tough competitiion. 

Yes 2012 was good for England but we have to let it go now. 2013 is casting a shadow already it seems all one can do is to welcome it with hopes and wishes. I want to wish each and everyone of you a very happy New Year and a very peaceful New Year and I wish you a New Year that , hopefully delivers everything that you wish for.

I have written you a poem and I shall put it on the bottom of this article. I want to wish you all the very best in the future and thank you personally for reading my stuff, for tweeting it and "liking," it on Face Book and so on. I will write as long as people will read, so you can expect more from me in the next twelve months.



Look ahead to twelve o’clock,
A time of song and mirth,
And raise your glass and wish for luck,
You’ll be witnessing a birth.
May all your hopes and wishes,
Present themselves to you,
Seize the day and you will see,
Each one of them come true.
If the last twelve months have not been good,
And maybe brought you pain,
Run towards this brand new year,
It’s a chance to start again.
Change can be a good thing,
The past will fade away,
And in it’s place the future comes,
And begins on New Year’s Day!
Owen Lewis

Happy New Year to you all and especially to you.


Owen Lewis



Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis was born fifty something years ago in the land of the black puddings. For the geographically challenged that is in Lancashire. Moving to Shropshire From 1970 Owen was brought up in Church Stretton. His first real job was in radio. After starting on BBC Radio Shropshire he became known on Marcher Sound, broadcasting throughout the North West for several years. After a university degree course in Theatre, Owen became an actor and went on to play "Pirate Bill" in The Alton Towers Hotel. He also made several television appearances. Returning to university he took his PGCE enabling him to teach. That saw him on the Essex coast as a drama teacher and latterly as a Creative Educational Liaison Officer making films and creating new teaching methods to employ on children in need of more help in their fundamental learning skills. Published playwright Owen ultimately wants a house boat in Amsterdam to focus on his work as Playwright and Poet. Follow hos blogspot at https://owenscribblerlewis.blogspot.com

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