The Sound of Shrewsbury Folk Too. Ukrainian Relief Concert at The Hive

Following the incredible success of the last Sound of Shrewsbury Folk concert at The Hive back in May, organisers have promised another one. Over a thousand pounds was raised for Ukrainian relief. Money came in from private donations, raffle and ticket sales. The organisers were delighted and said that they had hoped to reach a thousand but weren’t sure until the first note was played as to just how much was raised. One thing that came from that evening was the question, will there be another one?

The answer is yes and it is on again at The Hive on October 14th. Tickets at £12:00 are on sale now at The Hive and organisers are once again aiming for the thousand-pound goal.

The idea behind the concerts is to bring together Shrewsbury Folk musicians old and young to celebrate the wealth of music culture we have in our pubs. For years, The Wheatsheaf, The Loggerheads, The Crown Coleham, The Belle Vue Tavern, The Severn Stars, pubs now closed and many more, have played music and sang songs for at least the last 60 years. There is a line running straight through from the beginning to where we are now. There have been players from amateur and professional music scene who have chosen these pubs for their recreational playing. Nobody gets paid but somewhere every night of the week one can find a folk club or session that one can join in.

Many older players have now passed but there always was younger hungrier musicians ready to pick up the mantel and run with it. That is the status quo and has been from right back in the nineteen-sixties.

The Sound Of Shrewsbury Folk Too is designed to bring these players together and show just how good they are in a concert setting. Watching this concert will show you that we have a unique and very alive music scene here in Shrewsbury. The gig will show there is movement within the friendly scene, people do know each other and that makes an incredibly warm and happy vibe both for players and the audience.

Organisers are suggesting people buy their tickets early to avoid disappointment. Last May the gig sold out in lightening speed and they are expecting that again.

The Sound Of Shrewsbury Folk Too. The Hive October 14th. All proceeds will go to the Ukrainian relief.

Owen J.Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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