A Slice Of Meat Loaf For Everyone!

Anything for Love: The Meatloaf Story

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 18th –Wednesday 19th June

Its fair to say that one expected the theatre to be full to capacity tonight and admittedly one was not disappointed. The reason why…Well quite apart from the amazing Meat Loaf  score, reputation precedes Steve Steinman as he is well known to Shrewsbury theatre goers. Normally he is with his fun show, Vampire’s Rock. He is always scoring high on the star system of these reviews, so the jury was out. Was this show as much fun as his other one? Yes is the answer. Every bit as good. It is pleasing to see that Steinman is such a consummate entertainer.

The stage looked deceptively empty, The back line was on raisers, Drums and Bass Guitar and Grand Piano took the higher ground and lead and rhythm Guitars and backing vocalists occupied downstage areas. The band was stunning. Note for perfect note. Stating that it was their intention to look at the music of Jim Steinman (No relation to our hero, one believes) So making it Steinman-centric and cleverly, not solely Meat Loaf, the audience learns that he also wrote hits for Celine Dion and Bonnie Tyler and we got those too.

There is a great tongue in cheek approach to the show. Steve Steinman doesn’t take it all too seriously he relaxes and has a laugh with his audience. This is not a deep and serious look into the world of Mr. Loaf as Steinman breaks character quite a lot to throw in an improvised one liner. It is always rewarding to watch a bunch of artistes who like each other. One can see the respect the cast each have for their colleagues varied talents. A good show begins from the first note of rehearsal to the last note on the last night of the performance. Only a cast that happily lets everyone shine with their full support has the right to call themselves a good show. Well this is a good show.

A big moment is the introduction of Lorraine Crosby. She is the female vocalist off the original track, “Anything for Love.” She really is a gutsy rock chick with a voice and look to match. Her control and range are so deeply impressive. She goes off piste a couple of times to bring other Jim Steinman music into the fore and her voice is indeed a magical tool.

The use of pyro’s or live fireworks, is always impressive. As they were working their way through, “Out Of The Frying Pan,” flames shot high into the air. It looks so good. Not overused, just spot on.

The musicians really know what they are about. The Pianist is wonderful, it is so good to hear a piano being played properly, it adds that luxurious quality of sound to the overall mix. The keys also create anticipation and expectation. They deliver constantly.

Also there were three female backing vocalists and one male. Although they stand apart on stage their movements were all synchronised and looked excellent. Not only could they sing but their elegance of movement again enriched the whole experience.

One is aware that Steve Steinman will be back to Theatre Severn again and again and one imagines will always deliver. This show certainly brings out the best in him and he is the final sheen of a very highly polished piece. To concur or otherwise, one can catch the show again tomorrow night. If they do it as well again as they did tonight then the next full house will be in for a real treat.

This is A Four Star Review

Owen J.Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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