Roald Dahl's Matilda Achieves Great Reception to a Full Crowd.

Walker Theatre

Curtain Call Juniors Present,

Matilda The Musical Jr.

Monday 27th -Thursday30th  


Well here is a story that anyone who had a young child in the Nineteen Nineties couldn’t have possibly missed; the Hollywood blockbuster, Matilda. Starring Danny DeVito as the Wormwood family’s patriarch: Charting their relationship with their sweet and lovable daughter Matilda, It’s a lovely story and always a joy to watch.

 So the question is will it transpose well to a musical? The answer is a resounding yes. The show is fun, fast moving, and high octane; one hopes the cast got as much fun as the audience on this, their gremlin free, opening night.

With an amateur cast of children ranging between around 9 or 10 all the way up to 16.  Each performer held their own and with an adult sense of their responsibilities, they delivered an exciting show to a very noisy and partisan audience. Hey but who cares? You see people were enjoying themselves and it was a joy to see and hear. That’s show-biz and the cast are all to be commended for their skills and talents.

One was delighted at the professional level of the vocalists, I am obliged to say that sometimes the music out front was a little too loud and voices got lost every now and again but not to the detriment of the overall performance, which was in a word, Great!

The set was clever and the  set changes were silent and intelligently done and really most of the furniture was brought in and out by the person involved in either the scene coming up or the one that has finished; but it was done very well indeed.

Miss Trunchbowl’s chokey song was full of menace and offered  up great threat to the poor little mites, and Bruce Bogtrotter’s disposal of his great big chocolate cake much to Trunchbowl’s angst, was a triumph. Well done Bruce!

This is a fun show that emits a feeling of fun and professionalism, whether a future in performing arts awaits everyone in the cast in unknown but whether they do or whether they don’t pursue it they will always know they were in a show that gave as much joy as it was to perform in. I for one loved it and laughed along with the rest.

This a Four Star Review

Owen J.Lewis



Sofia Lewis Sofia Lewis
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